Looking for a good post processing distillation machine for large volume



Anyone have a good recommendation for a Large volume post processing distillation machine?

building out a few new labs, 2 in oregon, 2 in north carolina, and looking to produce around 1,000 kilos a day from all of them. I understand we might need a few machines at each lab which is fine just need a good machine manufacturer

Thanks in advance!


Ethanol or crude distillation


I’m looking to turn crude into distillate. Not sure if you are asking a question or making a statement. Looking for recommendations on a company that makes good machines


vta is the best then the asahi and pope etc
When gooing large i think LUWA
Is good only thing No glass only stainless steel and $$$
I have seen Some real pretty short path evaporators made of 2 hand bases and new pumps etc If You have the builder thats a good 2D best


At the scale of 1000 kg distillate per day you have some different considerations and should work directly with manufacturer for solution. Vobis, LCI (Lewa), VTA, there are many options, not “off the shelf”, so you’ll have to do some comparative quoting. It becomes an engineering project.


Basically what we are looking for. We understand it’s a project however it’s one that needs to be done for the 2019 harvest especially with the contracts we have in the works.


Well those are the three I’d probably start with. I have no idea which one would do it for the cheapest having never quoted out a unit of this size.


Final product iso, dist?


Final product iso, getting an oven to fit the size is the least of our concerns.


Just go with Chemtech


@distillat3r @Alchemist @Roguelab

Do you guys know people who use the machines you guys are talking about? Just want to get an idea of references and which is the best bang for our buck. $$$ isnt the issue we have investors behind us if the money becomes to much for us. Either way going to do my homework this weekend on all your guys suggestions just want to know if you know anyone who already uses the machines, big or small scale doesnt matter.


Vta gmbh the owner of vta glass short path installation is als owner and designer of luwa and cranzler gmbh
30 % of evaporators worldwide are made by them they can garantee a 99% cannabinoid content of distillates If proper pre sops have been done
Good luck


Agreed, Chemtech and go stainless not glass. They can go very large but scaling to the size you’re talking can only be done by a few players. Chemtech is one of those. Give them a call and they can give you the rundown. You’re talking a multi-million dollar setup I think. They will work with you on a custom design to meet your needs.


I started a similar hunt a few months back…

Chemtech was the favor among the folks I surveyed. I set up a couple new labs with one but they’ve yet to arrive and so I dont have actual hands on experience operating one yet…

@QGA also recommended Chemtech over the others which I feel is worth mentioning as I feel he’s well respected and has a lot of info on WFE units. Maybe he’ll pop in and share some info…


@hempicated.com Chem tech is the best in my opinion and they have years of experience making machines for oil separation etc. but any wiped film manufacturer that has experience in oil and gas should work fine.


I’ve used Chemtech, and they’re good machines, but their customer service has been very poor, so I didn’t recommend them for that reason.


I will check out chem tech and VTA gmbh. Thank you guys and will keep you posted on my endeavors


What is your concern?


with what?


Can you elaborate a little. If needed you can PM me. I’m looking at them for our next system.