Looking for a gently used centrifuge

Calling upon all my autobots! There is magic in the air! How long has it been? How has everyone’s china gear been working? Who’s looking to upgrade or get rid of some gear.
Trying lock down some used ethanol equipment, a centrifuge, chiller and maybe even a larger roto to replace my small 5L if the price is right… to be specific…Currently in store for a well maintained 10LB stainless steel unit. Preferably with all the hoses, fittings, kegs if possible. And a chiller to attach to a 5L roto. I am More then likely trying to upscale that in the future so maybe even something that will be sufficient enough to chill a 20L unit. I am working with a relatively smaller sized budget for this type of work but as I said previously, there is magic in the air.

All and any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated.
Much love and thankyou!

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Where are you ?

@alchemy has a 20 liter a and a chiller for sale

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Hi, what kind of centrifuge are you looking for. We can help.

Southern Oregon.

Smaller scaled unit. 10-30lb capacity. May I emphasize the aspect of “gently used.”

Thankyou player, much appreciated. I will contact him.

we have new centrifuge in stock, and can arrange the shipping in short time.
if you are interested in it, we can talk more details by rotovap@foxmail.com

Looking for used^^^

@CuriousFurious no problem, Keep safe.
if you need the mask, you can send me email too