Looking for a extraction/processing Internship

I’m looking to gain some info and gather some experience in a facility. We are looking to start a medical mip in Missouri this year. I’m a successful businessman from other forms of business and willing to travel to get informed. I don’t need to get paid and can work on and off a couple weeks at a time. I want to build a relationship and have a good time doing it. I’m 46, made over 7 digits, married (in the good days)(still married on the bad ones!). Let me know if I can help someone or someone may have an opportunity available. Thanks Kevin


Hi, shoot me a msg, we have a 5kL facility in Kansas we are retrofitting, and are looking to build a team. We are looking for techs, interns farmers ect.
Mike West

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We can help you out in colorado. We are currently looking for hires.

Anyone looking in AZ to teach someone in the evenings, hit me up as well.

Sweet i’ll get with the fellas and see what we can work out. What if i throw in my mother in law?

In oregon if you come out west.

You looking for someone to teach in AZ?

To teach or to learn from?

Are you looking for someone to learn from?


I run a state licensed facility in MI and will be back in AZ soon for a bit . ( I grew up there) . Shoot me a dm to talk details