Looking for a chromatography machine

Hey guys,

I am finishing up my partnership with my new lab in colorado and we are looking for a Chromatography machine to BUY. We have all the pre-processing machines that will make Hash, Crude or full spec and just need the Isolate machines. Looking for a machine with an output above 50,000 kilos a month.

We will either pay to buy one or we have no problem shipping our pre processed material to another lab to get it ran into Isolate depending on costs.

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Hit up Jackie McGrane tell her Kevin from KY sent you. She may be able to help you.

Jacqueline McGrane
(206) 225-7221
shattergurljacqueline is her IG handle

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Thank you, if you talk to her you can let her know i will be reaching out first thing next week!!


I have an American made Thar Process, 60 CM SFC60 Superfast Chromatography Machine for Sale. You do not have to wait the traditional 2 years for this machine. It is nearly ready now. This is the worlds largest Chromatography in existence. This unit can produce 30-60 Liters per day. Please contact me for details. First come first serve. Thank you

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Homie, this post is from October, 2018… You might do better by creating you very own brand new post in the classifieds section with a complete description, and you get kudos for providing pics


Can you send me details on this unit? Pricing location etc? Thanks

Try go-dove.com they have many auctions from pharma and everything else. Just saw a Mass Spec and others on there for cheap.

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Thank you. I am very new to this site, and am still figuring out the ropes.

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No worries Homie! We were all new once also! At least you didn’t go through the classifieds triggering ALL of the old post like some of newbies that come in

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