Looking for a chiller to work for your machine? #Chiller,available in stock in US

#Chiller 300/80,available in stock in US,adopt 13hp compressor,low temperature -80°C,no other fees,can pick up or deal by cash,Who wants it to work?

In stock in US

A thousand dollar discount, who likes it?

New batch, in California, fast delivery, support cash!

50L Lab Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller DLSB-50/80

Temperature range:-80~RT;±1℃
Phase number(P):6
Frequency(Hz):50/60 universal
Cooling capacity(w):0℃:12000
-40℃:8500 -80℃:1100
Type:Air cooling
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Contact (WhatsApp or Telegram): Sara86 18039575547
Email: sara@korayinstrument.com

Do you offer liquid cooled systems? Hermetically sealed?

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Sorry, only complete chiller systems are available at this time

There are different temperatures you need, Chiller30/30, 40/80, 50/80, 50/30, 200/120.

About the choice of solvent medium!

Recommend to use absolute ethyl alcohol or ethylene glycol mixed with water (1:1) as the circulating liquid within -40 ° C.

99% ethanol or methanol is recommended for -80 ° C circulating fluid.

Methanol mixed with ethanol (1:1) is recommended for -120 ° C circulating fluid.

Heeeeey, can I get a price list of what you currently have? Thanks!

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Sure, send you the product list!

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-40°C, -80°C, in stock at California warehouse

Another batch of customized models has been produced and is ready to be sent away. GDX-100/40 and GDX-50/80, EX-DLSB-100/40 with Siemens PLC plus control panel, if you need them to work for you, please let me know , to provide the best product quality and service, thank you!

300/80 has been produced and ready to ship!

A new batch of chillers, customize the appearance and temperature you like, let me know if you need them, and provide you with the best product quality and price!

There are discounts, hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars

Industrial Chiller 10hp -120c chiller,Three-stage compressor, R404A,F23,R14,3000W Cooling Capacity,23500W Rated power, Overvoltage, delay, overcurrent, overheat, leakage, protector,Plate type heat exchanger and air - cooled condenser are used!

If you need the optimum temperature of -80~110°C to work, choose it, it can work well for you, no need to wait for production time and long shipping time, it is already waiting for you in Los Angeles!!!and the brand new unit is lower than the selling price in China, including tariffs, saving the cost of shipping from China to the United States, thousands of dollars, just what you need, please take it away, find me an excellent price and the address of the warehouse in Los Angeles, Support self-pickup, cash transaction, thank you!

The latest batch of chillers are sold in Los Angeles, with the option of explosion-proof, cooling temperature of -30/-40/-80/-120 ° C.

Explosion-proof chiller 50/30 test video
Explosion-proof 50/30,40/80 chiller for sale in Los Angeles

Chiller 200/40 for sale in Los Angeles
PM me for more info,sara@korayinstrument.com