Looking for a big vac oven in good condition

Does any have a 10cubic feet cascade oven for sale? Or even anything above 5 cubic feet. Doesn’t have to be cascade but needs to be reputable company

I’m betting @Sidco_Cat could hook you up with a new one.

Letting us know your approximate location may help get you what you need.

Haven’t looked at more than the subjects on this search, but it might be useful.


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@cyclopath I’m in the MA area but willing to travel to purchase

How big and what’s the budget. I might have a previously-loved CDO-28.

@Sidco_Cat I’m looking for vacuum ovens

We have a 16 cubic feet AI vac oven that is not being used, I can see if we can sell it.

@SPD-408 that would be much appreciated

how much do you want for your cdo-28? are you in the usa?

I have several 7.5 cubic feet AI vac ovens located in Norcal that I will sell for 50% off retail.