Lookin for cbd distillate ,cbd isolate europe


We are a company from Slovenia (Europe)which will deal with selling cbd products.
We are looking for reliable CBD isolate and CBD distilate supplier.

For cbd distillate it is important to be under 0,2% THC because our ligislation does not allow higher percentage.

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@Octave may be able to help you, they have some very wonderful THC free distillate, I am not 100% sure they have isolate but im fairly sure they have it

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we have cbd isolate for $2250


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did you just ignore the post above yours? get verified then sling. You too @holyhempbotanicals

Do you have all the import licenses necessary to import?

I was talking to the customs administration ,that we cleared up about imports.Importing Isolates and distillates to our country shuld not be a problem.

We can also help you with CBD distillate and isolate anytime.
Let me know if you are still looking.
DM at 401-644-9195

If you seek Isolate or Tfree distillate from a GMP Certified facility then please reach out at 512.921.7034 or jesse@mosaicco-lab.com

@Octave is this one of yours? Or someone scamming?

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Hi bud,

Yes. This is Austyn from Sales. :blush:.

Happy New Year to you! Talk soon.

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they are likely to continue to get flagged as they aren’t using a verified slinger account

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I’ll be sure to verify my account as soon as possible my apologies.

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Are you verified or just the forum police?

I am neither a verified slinger nor the “forum police”

This forum software is set up to be community moderated. I am making sure that nobody is pretending to be @Octave because I would prefer not to see anyone’s business get hurt. If the idea of someone taking a few seconds out of their day to try to keep strangers from getting scammed is an issue for you somehow you might need to re-evaluate your value system


No sir. I think that it’s great you are looking out for another business. As an observation I see a lot of post flagged by you. Maybe this thread was the wrong one to point that out.

Thank you again, @tenhemp I appreciate you making sure everything is in order. It’s good this community looks out for each other. I’ll be sending off verification samples for this handle shortly.

sorry i must have misinterpreted intent of your previous comment

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Email me for further assistance