Long Beach architect to AVOID for Cannabis Business

ULTRA-UNIT Architectural Studio

1327 Loma Avenue
Long Beach, California 90804

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Blacklisted huh? What was your experience?


Uncooperative and uncommunicative once they had the contract. Many problems and delays due to severe lack of attention to detail. We are finally in buildout now, but our contractor is struggling to make sense of drawings. Our mechanical drawings have both of our HVAC units, but the electrical drawings do not even acknowledge their existence (no breakers or circuits). The detailed equipment schedule that we provided was not translated to our plans. We are going to have to go back and make many changes just due to error and negligence. We will likely have to pay them to fix their own mistakes. The sloppiness is so widespread, that I have to wonder if this is not their actual business model. We are not the only company that has experienced this, but I can only speak for us.

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I am not exactly sure how I feel about these posts.
Maybe need a flame war section.

I fundamentally agree. Wasn’t quite sure quite where to post this. Perhaps a Caveat Emptor section. There are a lot of folks out there looking to take advantage of legalization in a nonconstructive/greedy way. I would certainly appreciate being warned about them once they are identified.


Sorry to hear about your experience. Long Beach happens to be one of the harder AHJ’s to satisfy. All these architects claim they know extraction but they have no idea.

That said we built the largest lab in SoCal that happens to be in Long Beach.

Let us know if you need help fixing things.

Best of luck to you.

I highly recommend we make a ‘blacklisted’ section. I have quite a few scam filled investors, consultants, architects, and engineers in socal I would like to post for others to avoid at all cost.

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