Loading sauce cartridges

Anyone have experience on good methods for loading sauce into the CCELL carts? Any advice would be great!


It burns and leaves the crystals behind…it may make dark oil around the holes at the bottom.

I have ccell and if you use it you have to have an instant diluent like wax liquidizer

I was trying to go that way in beginning, then I found to get dispensary quality you need distalites plus terps or THC isolate plus terps…

They have instant diluent that’s terp based from true terps… You add distalites or winterized material then decarb, then add terps for flavor…

If you have no choice can’t winterized (which why would you with live resin, beating the point)
Then an instant diluent that’s not terp based will be your only option like wax liquidizer… It’s ok but anything longer than 3 sec hit you get plastic taste bad

I love true terps viscosity, their terp based cutting agent that I was talking about…I winterize and don’t bother using my live now… Then decarb under vac, add viscosity cutting agent and lil terps for that perfect flavor!

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So CCELLs are no bueno for le sauce?

How are you mixing the sauce? Crystals can’t be burned in any vape, left behind every time, well cartridge I mean

More like sauce no good for vape juice unless instant diluent

When you decarb you lose the terps, that’s taking step backwards, you using sauce for the flavor

Dab that shit up

I don’t use my good shit for Vapes anymore, just harvest some Diamonds, wash, decarb add terps and maybe some terp cutting agent called viscosity

Or I winterized my second run stuff and just get a THC base to start with, then add terps to flavor


Be specific… You just squirt sauce in there you just vape terp and leaves crystals

Btw ccell brand the best imo… But only from Apex, gives perfect hits when no instant PG VG peg…I just don’t wanna go there anyways

Plain terpenes are the best diluent, but only clear golden ones that are natural , and the all clear strain profiles are way too strong to use more than one drop per gram(don’t think you can count those bc I tried and I can’t!), and that’s almost to much flavor, and I like freaking all the flavor you can get!

But my own terps and a friend’s, and some we ordered that was expensive but golden clear, those you could get heavy enough to cut with just terpenes, but only distalites, THC isolates,or winterized material I imagine would work too!
Basically saying natural cannabis terpenes

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Getting sauce into cartridges is tricky, we did it awhile back and it was hard to keep things going with a decent life expectancy, lots of returns.

I have had decent luck with those disposable ccell carts apex sells. Those things will vaporize straight distillate without any terps or cutting agents, we’ve even got them to reload 2 or 3 times before. I know they work because my head grower is always making me fill them for him

We filled them using 18 gauge glass luer lock syringes


Im like so lost can i vape oil from everclear. I put pg and some vg separates

These guys most the time are going for golden clear end vape oil…

Without using an instant diluent , esp not VG/PG/peg

Just those things aren’t really safe to vape…

Cannabis terpenes are the cuttings agents here!

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Thanks alot. Is true a. Good brand to go with

Alright I’m lost in this department so could I put the suace I poor off my diamonds in cartridges without cutting it with anything? If so how would I go about doing this ?

Yes but if u don’t blast cryo cold u’ll have all ur wax particulate in this part and want work right…

Easiest way is to decarb diamonds then add terps back, if it’s too strong flavor something like Viscosity works pretty good as plain terp cutting agent…

Next a good cart will help

But really… The guys around here been really getting there vapes down… Maybe if I’m wrong they can help with better way now days…

BTW I don’t use my diamonds for this anymore! Only my b grade thc that I’ve winterized just bc I don’t waste my diamonds for this anymore…

Nothing like a good yocan evolve plus double quartz for smoking glob SAUCE!!!

I would aquire thc distalites for about$15 g and come out way better! Then ur terps to cut…