LLE removal of terps and gunk

This is the shortened IG version. This will tag into the video removing chlorophyl and wax in a cryogenic mode. However, this month I plan to dial in the ratio much tighter of water to alcohol during de-chlorophyl operations which should save a boiling cycle and I will observe what happens.

I have used iso to de-green the compound and it is highly efficient but as I kept doing monthly labs I kept noticing odd deviations from wildly effective to hardly effective at all. It was only after months of using the iso the way I was that a chance observation filled in a piece of the puzzle for me.

I had previously on video mentioned several times that my de-green efforts only worked well with iso and not methanol. I hope to prove myself wrong this month and believe I know how to now.

The bonus of watching the IG vid here is a bit more info.

Look carefully at the milky layer that rolls out of solution into its own layer. I can tell you that you can control the amount of “scum” that gets pulled down to the aqeous layer by halting the addition of water while the layer is still a bit off white towards an orange brown. With care you can pull a LOT of scum down and the layer itself will be yellow and brown on top after a night in the freezer.

Doing this also then brings along trace cannabinoid. My final wash through on this vid, not shown (yet) used this technique to really grab a bunch of white “gums” into the aqeous at the expense of approximately one or two good size vaporizer hits of compound. I am set up for a dual funnel sep to eliminate this. This means I would drain the aqeous layer into another sep funnel which itself had clean hexane in it.

Almost like a countercurrent set up but reverse phase. I realized that for such limited recovery it was more cost effective to just dump whatever traces of the good stuff there was. It might have made a cool vid but I likely won’t fiddle with a second stage.

I am anxious to go for the green in the new mode because if it does work with methanol several other things fall into place in terms of recovery, purity, and reduced work load.

I give 70:30 odds that I am full of shit of shit too. With luck and my rabbit foot I think I will get it. :sunglasses:



I didnt see the 8 min version on your website is there a link or a way to watch the whole process start to finish? Thanks again for the videos and explanations

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It is still on the ipad and is just a clip meant for a final vid to show a start to finish sort of thing. Most of the 8 minutes is going to be editted out and such. Being a user of this site you already know much of what is in those extra minutes really. Stuff about solvent miscibility and so forth.


:pensive::sob: I can’t find the 8 minute version anywhere hopefully it comes off the iPad!

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I think its one of these.


Oh man! I thought that I checked the icloud a week ago, thanks!