Liver failure in my dog

Got arrested, wife is sick, dog is dying… Might write a country song.

My little puggle (pug/beagle) is suffering from complications from an accident 3 years back. She fell out of a 40’ window onto concrete. She’s currently 6 years old, and would naturally live to about 11-14. Through the magic of modern medicine and $$ (back when I had some), we managed, via surgery, to save the little thing. Her gallbladder was separated from her intestines, and the valve that separated them was shredded. The surgeon essentially attached the gallbladder directly to the intestine, and for a few years we had fairly decent functioning of the organs.

After a few years, we were noticing vomiting and loss of appetite and she’s lost about 40% of her bodyweight. We’ve since found out that she had some pretty rampant infection and she’s responding to antibiotics but the vet has informed us that she likely has anywhere from months to maybe a year (maybe 2 if we’re lucky?) Because she’s currently in liver failure. There’s a couple shunts that have developed. In humans we’d be prime candidates for a liver transplant, but theres no such program for dogs (nor do I have $$ for that).

We’re using milk thistle as well as 125mg of ursidiol daily to help things, and she’s doing considerably better than before; but I’ve also read that cannabanoids can have liver protecting properties. I’m hoping maybe some daily cannabanoids would also help with inflammation, appetite, and preserving the liver function. If we could squeeze another extra year or so with our little one we’d be pretty chuffed.

I was thinking a combination of thc-a, cbg, d8 and mild CBD would help? Does anyone have any other cannabanoid/non cannabanoid additions to her treatment program?

She’s the little one on the left :heart:


I don’t have anything to add other than my well wishes for the pup. It’s my big 40th today, I’ll ask the gods for good luck for her.

Good luck and I hope you find something that that’s sweet puppy.


A very happy birthday to you!


Thanks brother! You’re pups are adorable by the way!


poor things for both of you.

some dogs are good with dope some not be gentle with it but it may indeed ease her suffering.

sometimes we can not control there time my friend but I hope you can make what time

she has full of love and as enjoyable as possible.

good luck and much love 4 the both of you.


She’s had some CBD before and responded well enough. I wanted to make sure I was keeping the psychoactivity down as much as possible.

Was thinking of starting with maybe 2-3mg of d8 and slowly moving it upwards.

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ye slowly does it there funny creatures some get effected and some dont.

ive met dogs that were really cool with dope and then some that got lost confused and
really paranoid.

Im just up to go to the toilet and saw the post and had to reply.

A friend of a friend makes some amazing CBD dog treats ( I’ve never seen a dog not like them, and if you make a custom blend tincture in MCT or fish/krill oil, it is easy to accurately up the dose to whatever cannabiod level is required for therapeutic relief.

There’s also a number of essential oils that have (largely unvalidated) liver function benefit. Rosemary, peppermint, juniper, lemon, thyme, and fennel oils can help, but only if the smell/taste isn’t too off-putting for the poor puppy. Chamomile can help too.

Sending all the good vibes your way. Never easy when our loved ones are suffering.


Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a bitching day full of fun, family, and friends!!! 40 is the 13!

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Thanks brother! I’m having a great day so far!

Edit: tbh, the best gift I could get today would be something that would help @tweedledew’s lovely pup :slight_smile:

I’m rooting for her bigly!


Brother, look into TUDCA. It’s a liver “supplement” which is a prescription in other countries. It works wonders. Guys who have obliterated their liver markers with oral steroids have brought them back with this. I’m not sure if it works in dogs, but it’s sure worth a look and something others here may not know about. I’m not sure how many other meatheads are among us haha.

It’s not terribly expensive and it is easy to find in capsules so you could pour it into/onto food.


Also, glutathione. This comes as a water-based injectable and is very powerful in helping the liver. It’s a natural compound that the body produces, but you can introduce more to help the liver. Again, this is a human application. You’d have to investigate it for use in a canine.


My Yorkie had a lame hip, hairline fracture. 12 y.o. After he injured it, I thought it was time for him to buy the farm. He hopped around on 3 legs. I worked his leg for range and motion, massage. I gave him Hempseed oil and CBD distillate/MCT(still do). Now almost a year later he’s a different dog. He can run again, jump up on the couch. The CBD distillate/MCT, the distillate has like 3% THC. I give it to my Chihuahua, he’s 17. I think that shit makes a big difference with some dogs. Your dogs are very cute btw. I hope something helps your Pug. I gotta soft spot for small dogs. If you want to know what kind of Hempseed oil I use, dm me. I don’t want it to look like I’m shilling their product.


So sorry to hear about your poor dog @tweedledew. All my love goes out to her, you and your family. I hope your wife gets well soon and I hope your arrest wasn’t a serious thing. :heart:

@Curious_Roberto Happy 40th man, have a damn good day !! :+1: :muscle:


I have some experience medicating dogs with delta 9. My dog handler medicates dogs on the routine. I can tell you, it can go “The good, The bad, or The ugly” 1-2 mg of D9 for a medium sized dog (40Lb) is what we have found to work best. Iv given my 50Lb male dog, 5-6mg before, when my females are in season he gets to be unbearable.
I wish you luck friend.

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Does anyone have any ideas other than cannabis, essential oils, TUDCA, or glutathione?
Let’s help this poor doggo!!


Awww :(( sorry to hear all the shit. Raw diets seem to have helped out our pups, but it’s not so simple, there’s more to the raw diet than just giving em uncooked meat and other stuff.

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Look into beef liver…either fresh or supplements. Native Americans ate the organs that corresponded to their own that they wanted to strengthen.


I use denamarin pills for my dogs liver, has improved her liver values over the last year. It helps increase glutathione and has a milk thistle extract in it as well. You can get it in chewables or pill form on Amazon.

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Milk thistle supplements available at any grocery store show some promising signs of improving liver repair. The active ingredient is silymarin