Live resin un-ripened flavor?

hey guys so i have a question, i have noticed while sampling different grades of sauce that many times the flavor profile tastes green, unripe, as if it has an undeveloped flavor profile. so for example i just purchased some Sour Tangie LR Sugar and a Badder, both from the same reputable local medical Grower/Processor/Dispensary. (I also have some Green Crack Sauce/Diamonds from the same and i feel it fits this as well)

both textures are on point (altho the sugar is much more fine grained than my preference) and the Steephills say PASS across the board. but the flavor profile is off to me, both taste clean af but i feel like the flavor profile taste like a fairly green/unripened orange, rather than the deep sweet full flavor i have gotten out of some of the top shelf sauces I have sampled, (i.e. Gold Clover: Clementine #9 ) I have had some Sour Tangie flower that blew my face off with that bright full flavor so i am familiar with the terp profile, (I have also had this flavor experience with FHM extracts. if you aren’t familiar they are more midsy Sauce/Sugar/Diamonds)

I was curious if this might be because of processes or solvents used or perhaps its just the grow, but I would like to get your thoughts on the matter.

pretty sure that’s supposed to be a feature (not a bug).

from a skunkpharm post from 2012

The absolutely most flavorful BHO extract to me personally and to the test panels thus far, is fresh picked buds, that are immediately frozen to tie up the water, and extracted while still frozen. It produces an oil that abounds in whimsical flavors darting about and the word most often used to describe it by panel members, was the word “fresh.”

Drying and curing the weed changes the terpene profile. Some aficionados won’t touch weed that hasn’t been cured for months…

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I have run off each right now, I did live sauce, true htfse and hcfse all off the same strain…I personally think the taste isn’t nearly as good, but this is more an opinion based things, I love how intense the flavor is, most on the lower East coast don’t even know what dried cured sauce is, to each his own though, I rather the live but I’m into the intense intense intense flavor