Live Resin Production Troubleshooting

Help! I work for a lab that sources out its fresh/frozen input material and we turn it into live resin/live resin products. We are currently qualifying our process and our first run with flower turned out very soupy, basically the consistency of maple syrup (I’m Canadian eh!). We have run with our solvent at -20 and -40. My biggest worry is that our flower isnt good enough, the COAs show the flower has a potency of just under 5%. We also do not know their exact procedure and if the flower stayed frozen the entire time. I actually think maybe it didnt as when it arrived it was a giant square brick, very solid. Anyway I would love your input, as always this community is crazy helpful so thank you all in advance!

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That’s probably the problem. Wasn’t frozen, transported, or stored correctly.


5% is pretty rough for “flower” most trim is going to test around 10-15%. Sounds like you may be pulling a bunch of water…does the extract have a green tint at all? or a green planty smell or is it pretty terpy? Are you running any kind of mol-sieve to prevent water moving around? Could also be that the material was sprayed with something and you’re now concentrating it, affecting your viscosity.

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[quote=“Jarijuana, post:1, topic:150090, full:true”]the COAs show the flower has a potency of just under 5%.

So is it Tangie or Beasters? =p

Sounds all about right for fresh frozen material. Usually to get a syrup consistency after purge you would need to be running extremely cold which would be a very pristine extraction.

What is your post-processing looking like? what are you doing with it after extraction to get the product type you desire? Slow or fast crystallization, whipping, etc?

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If its soupy it might just have more terps. I run fresh frozen but only make diamonds not live resin. After the diamonds form the terps are just about water thin. When I run dried/cured the terps are always thicker. Separate some of the terps to get the desired consistency.

I do lots of live resin. Feel free to dm me and I’ll give some pointers.

Fire in fire out

@Jarijuana get better starting material from the source

I thought fresh frozen is/makes live resin.

Edited for you, that is what I meant…

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Live Resin comes from extracting fresh frozen.

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Isn’t that how most diamonds are made?

Take high quality live resin and let it sit in a warm ish dark place for weeks until diamonds form?

This is what i have written in my notes

Not necessarily

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No most diamonds are made with dried cured. Allot less work to extract since 75% of the plant is water.


Can make diamonds form anything as long as it isn’t decarbed


More complicated then that i take it?(obviously) but am i close ish?

Ah yea I remember the crude to diamonds thread now.

But its better to do with live resin yes?

If you want to make live resin yes. I make diamonds and fire terps. Maybe you could call the terps live resin or live terps since they are extracted live and never heated above a little over room temp.

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Really? Wow.

Makes sense from a production standpoint but for quality is there a difference? My guess is yes, but wanna know from first before making my own conclusive guess

Yes huge difference in taste. My fresh frozen terps taste more like the fresh plant.
It is about 3x more work to process. I can fit about 550g dried in my tubes and 700g wet but the 700g wet is really only about 175g dry so I have to do 3 fresh frozen runs to equal 1 dried run.


not green no, its amber maybe slightly darker then what I would say is typical but not like way out on the spectrum. the spraying thing has been floated but seems unlikely in a legal setting given the traceability canadian LPs have to keep (although we havent completely ruled it out) also im not sure how one would go about proving something like that. we do plan to do a lab test but will a lab test pick up reintroduced terps on flower?