Live Dried Bud- Crop to Cure in 24 hours

Hi everyone!

I want to officially announce our freeze dry Crop-to-Cure® process. Our method enriches the quality of the final product with higher potency and terpene levels. And also increases its shelf life to a year. The buds are denser and larger, and don’t shrivel up and turn brown like in the standard dry process. Once the process is complete the bud can be stored for up to a year, which allows you to keep more SKUs on the shelf and increase your profits with a larger brand presence. The freeze dryer is able to process 4lbs wet per day, which equates to about 1lb of dry flower. We have a commercial scale freeze drying unit in development coming soon that can handle 25lbs in a day as well.

This is a link to our Crop-to-Cure® bundle which includes a Resinator® with Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve® capabilities, freeze dry package, detailed SOPs and 2 hours of remote consultation.

Here are some video demonstrations of The Resinator in action:

Here is a link to a webinar we did on the Live Dried process:

This is a demo of the ice water hash method:

You can find a ton of resources on our website including video demonstrations of our product and process.

Here is an article that really explains how our Cryo-Trim® process enables you to produce better products.

I have attached our COAs comparing live dried to traditionally dried and cured bud. And here is a video showing the full crop to cure process in action from taking down a harvest to final live dried product.

Traditional-vs-Freeze-Dried-Certificates-of-Analysis.pdf (2.8 MB)

Here is a link to the Original Resinator cryo-trimmer/sifter:

It’s a bladeless trimmer with less than .1% cannabinoid loss on the trimming. And can also be used as a sifter, with a variety of screen sizes. You can fill it with ice and use it to make bubble hash. It hooks up to a CO2 tank so you can flash freeze and Cryo-Trim® or Cryo-Seive® to get sift for rosin. You can trim about 250lbs/day with our XL unit.

It’s a pretty good deal for a multifunctional machine, you’re getting one of the best trimmers on the market, a sifter, and bubble hash maker with flash-freeze cryo capabilities. It can be used to increase throughput, instead of adding in a second extraction unit or switching from running live to dry/cured, you can extract or press sift and get more done in a day that way.

We also offer in-house financing, which requires a 50% down payment.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have!

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I have smoked freeze dried weed.

I wasn’t jumping for joy at some new revolutionary breakthrough in cannabis


Same here, also 25lb a day isnt exactly large scale, we sell 50kg batches at minimum.

I have a tier 1 grow and we do under 1k lbs a year so 25lbs would work for my scale and considerably larger. 25 a day is 750 a month. I get that is small potatoes to some operators.


We have learned that a consistent cold chain from harvest through freeze drying is essential to the process. The Resinator enables this with its ability to flash-freeze using CO2. Additionally, the freeze dry method that is included in our crop to cure bundle covers extensively the details of how to run your freeze dryer for consistently high quality results. We have found that an accessory vacuum controller for the HarvestRight is necessary to control pressure and prevent terpene loss. In fact our results have shown higher terpene and cannabinoid levels than traditionally dried and cured bud. And the appearance is night and day.


Thats definitely the way to think about it. Since you can use a freezer as a staging area, you can take your time working through the material.

The 25lb/day machine we are working on isn’t any cheaper on a throughput/equipment cost so at some point having the redundancy and scalability of multiple HarvestRights is the way to go.

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Something does not add up here. lets agree that it costs more to produce than a regular cured bud, Earth is getting hotter and the cold has to come from $omewhere.

I mean, sure, lets say I never smoked a freeze dried bud before & Lets say that it even tastes better (it does not in my experience but lets say it is) how do we justify it on the sales side ?

is the cost for all this cold processing justified in terms of price point to the sales pricing ? I found that freeze drying smokable bud gave me dry dust that nobody wanted and we had to re hydrate to keep it from falling apart once it was no longer below freezing

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I got really spongy buds. Super weird.

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I think the increase in potency and terpenes coupled with better appearance and longer shelf life justify it. We have a method dialed in that ensures an optimal moisture content and prevents overdrying.

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Im with you on the increase of terpenes and I am also down with the better appearance but potency increase ? Dont you mean moisture reduction, therefore a higher thc mg content ‘per gram’ ?

There is no way to increase the total available mg of thc in a harvested flower without adding thc onto the flower itself


I was thinking the same thing. The pitch seems to use a few of misleading phrases which may convince those newer to the industry into thinking its a game changer for increasing net yields. Ive seen this same sentiment in 90% of all cannabis specific technology companies. They are marketing to the people who cant figure it out themselves and are willing to pay the extra or who get convinced by empty promises that arent viable at scale.


The freeze dry process prevents degradation of cannabinoids that typically occurs in the traditional dry/cure process.

From the COA I posted:

19.98% vs 22.47% total cannabinoids
moisture content 9.6% vs 9.7% in the freeze dried

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That only happens to folks who blast dry over temperature, I have not observed such degradation in properly controlled drying rooms/machines. Typically dehumidification will prevent the trade off of heat


What’s the before and after on terpene %?

How much can an end user ruin terpenes and turn perfectly good flower into cardboard?

How can buds be larger and more dense?
Someone science that for me please.


Veg with velocity. Balanced K and N values start to finish. Calcium bump (and cytokinins) in transition and higher night time temps to prevent stretch. P only has to have sufficient values, not excessive. K bump late flower week 5-6. $PROFIT.

(Tissue sampling will set you free)


I didn’t like the freeze dried bud I had last year … Nothing to write home about was very green flavored

I feel the dried and CURED the curing brings out the real flavors unless your extracting that bud then I’d just freeze it and run for better extract!

So you are telling me freeze drying alone isn’t gonna work to make an identical bud larger and more dense than if it were dried traditionally? :joy:

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The shelf life is a major benefit IMO. Assuming the cost of production isn’t increased too much and the quality is the same as traditional methods. If it really stays green and stinky for a year that would be a gamechanger.

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Traditional dry and curing allows for some complex sugars and chlorophyll to break down (giving a less dense flower), not sure if this is enzymatic or just a chemical process. Either way the results are flower that burns more smoothly and less chlorophylly “cut grass” taste.

It would seem a flash freeze and then dehydration would not allow this to happen. How does the flower from this cryo process smoke?

Also I have kept traditionally cured flower for years and it was fine… Maybe lost some color but still decent nose and potent.