Little bucket tek project (need some advice)

this is what iv planned out that i want to try.

this is the centrifuge I’m thinking of using

Measuring 50cm in diameter and 85cm high

would connect all the pieces with attachable SS hoses

so i can reattach and detach on the go.

Do you guys think the dry ice / acetone slur would cool my centrifuge coils cold enough to do a good cold extraction? I’m thinking of using a 5 gallon cooler.

also i would pre chill ethanol and herb in a deep freezer.

i want to do 1 soak also based on the size of the centrifuge any math heads can work out how much ethanol it can hold and how much herb you think will fit?

let me know if see some thing i could do differently to save or be more efficient

I’d just go panda spinner tek, the materials you have listed here already cost more than a panda would. Get yourself a @RockSteady spout, a cooler, some good bags and the consumables (dry ice, etoh), and Bob’s your auntie.


do you soak in your panda? or you just use it to spin out the additional ethanol? i want to soak in my centrifuge. do everything in one system. soak -60c then done and spin off the additional ethanol. i see people use extraction columns first then just place bags in panda to dry after which i didnt necessarily want to do

Just for spinning. Your manual centrifuge will likely not be able to be cranked by hand fast enough to generate the necessary force to properly drain your biomass.

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Unless you want to spend some money on a big boy centrifuge, you aren’t gonna be able to soak in one on the cheap.


I tried a manual 5 gallon salad spinner when I first got into this. I bought a washing machine 3 days later. Prepare for a lot of work and a lot of lost yield/ethanol with any manual centrifuge.


lmao i guess i got to plan differently. was just seeing if it would work.

i guess il just get the ethanol cold in the copper tubing inside the dry ice slur then just pour it straight into extraction column then dry in the panda lol.

Do you have a target temperature you are trying to hit for your extraction? Dry ice pellets are definitely much better then LN2, I have experience with LN2 and it’s not that effective

I’d also recommend moving away from copper completely.

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Manual centrifuge? Fuck that lol

I don’t think it would even come close to getting all the ethanol out. Panda spins like 1200 a min. Shit scares me running it, had to build a stand for it.

I think i remember seeing @cyclopath saying he tried a bicycle propelled centrifuged? If I remember correctly still didn’t work.

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would love to get to -50c atleast

cause of heavy metals? what kind of tubing would u recommend ?

-50c is very doable with pellets, as for material to process in, 316 Stainless Steel is the best in my opinion, and if you are going to have anything manufactured/welded, have it be “Sanitary Manufactured/Welded”


i hear you but whats the reason you cant soak in this centrifuge ?

A manual centrifuge does not have the rpm’s a mechanical/electrical/pneumatic centrifuge has over an extended period of time needed to remove/extract the Etho from the Trim/Biomass, basically you need popeye arms to keep doing it fast enough for enough time :joy:


The etoh can seep into the motor and cause major issues.

You cant really flood, I’ve found tricks of sorts.


A good centrifuge will have a ceramic mechanical seal in the design to prevent Etho from reaching the electrical components, DONT buy an Alibaba Centrifuge :joy::joy::joy:


This was in responce to flooding a panda.


That centrifuge is 20"x24", 3.14x10^2x24=7539.82ci=~32 gallons. 32 gallons of ethanol is gonna weigh roughly 200lb. Finely milled material sucks up ethanol like a sponge. That centrifuge is manufactured to hold four frames of honeycombs which in my experience only usually weigh between 8-12lb each. You’re going to have a hard time getting that thing to even begin spinning, and an even harder time getting it to spin fast enough to remove ethanol a. fast enough before it begins to heat up and starts pulling fats, and b. efficiently enough to make any of it worth your while. I foresee a lot of leftover ethanol in your material.


thanks for the info guys … i guess its a panda for me