Liquidations: 9 Extraction items and facilities on Firesale

Hi everyone. Below are 9 extraction items that are on sale. Items will not be split up and are sold as entire packages only.

9 out of 10 conversations typically don’t move forward due to broker behaviour or empty inquiries, so buyers/cheque-writers only can message me for further information.



Two Standalone Mobile Container Extraction/Processing Buildings by Linked Equipment that are fully insulated and capable of withstanding either the extreme heat of the Arizona desert, or the extreme cold of the Canadian winter.

The First Building is a 53’ x 8’ C1D2 (Class One Division Two) Volatile Extraction/Processing Unit
The Second Building is a 40’ x 8’ C1D2 (Class One Division Two) Volatile Extraction/Processing Unit. These units were purchased and designed to operate in tandem.
The 40’ unit includes a freezer area to store cold ethanol for cryogenic extraction.
Both units are Multi-Purpose Extraction/ Processing Units perfect for Ethanol, Solventless, or CO2 Extraction, as well as Distillation, Crystalization, Edible Kitchen, Vacuum Ovens, Packaging, Prep, or any other production process.

Important Note: These units were Never Used because the original buyer’s permitting was not approved. Although they have been sitting idle for a couple or years, they are like Brand New. The C1D2 Builder that has these units on consignment, can provide commissioning services prior to installation.

The liquidation price of the whole package is USD122,868, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for them.


High-Throughput Falling Film Evaporator made by top American manufacturer TruSteel… This package includes everything you need for quick Ethanol Recovery.

Important Note: This equipment was only used for three months, so it is like brand new.

Package Includes:

TruSteel Solvent Recovery System.
TruSteel Solvent Recovery Control Panel.
All necessary ancillary equipment for operation.

The liquidation price of the whole package is USD101,650, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for it.


Top of the line German Made KD-10 Distillation System by UIC GmbH, the competitor of the other German System VTA sold by Root Sciences.

Important Note: This equipment was only used for three months, so it is like brand new.

Package Includes:

One (1) KD-10 Short-Path Distillation System made by German company UIC GmbH.
All necessary Ancillary Equipment to operate the system.

The liquidation price of the package is USD203,500, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for it, or a USD203,500 discount if you prefer.


The PuroGen system uses Reactive Oxygen to safely and effectively sterilize cannabis flower while not effecting cannabinoid profile (THC, CBD, Terpenes). The proprietary technology works by introducing Reactive Oxygen to destroy Mold, Bacteria, Fungi and other pathogens throughout the bud/trim.

Important Note: The Flower Antimicrobial Remediation System was ONLY used for 5 hours.

Package Includes:

One (1) PuroGen “The Box Gen 3 Tabletop version ” Flower Antimicrobial Remediation System.

Eighty Four (84) Moveable Grow Benches with trellis mounts by GGS Structures (5’ x 10’ for a total of 4,215 sq. ft. of Grow Space).

Two (2) Twister Trimmers (one with conveyor one without) Free as a Value Added Bonus.

The liquidation price of the equipment is USD96,257 which less than 50% Off the invoiced price of the equipment, or a $118k discount.


Standalone C1D1 Volatile Extraction Building by Score Specialized Enclosures of Newport Beach, California. This unit is insulated capable of withstanding either extreme heat (purchased for the California desert), or the extreme cold of the Canadian winter. The Processing Building is 22’ x 38’ with a 14’ x 18’ C1D1 (Class One Division One) Volatile Extraction Booth.

Package Includes:

100% Compliance to C1D1 Class One Division One Standards.
Double wall galvanized steel construction with baked on acrylic enamel finish.
Air treatment system with evaporative cooling. Two 6,000 CFM exhaust fans with 3hp motors one exhaust, one supply.
Floor type plenum designed to extract all hazardous fumes.
Supply plenum designed to supply freshly conditioned air.
C1D1 Lighting.
C1D1 Control Panel.
VOC/Gas monitor system.
Outdoor canopy.

Important Notes: This unit was never installed or used. Some of the panels were damaged during delivery. The estimated damage to the panels is USD45k. Installation cost is estimated at USD40K. The 83% Off liquidation price below takes into consideration the estimated repair and installation costs of USD85,000. The buyer needs to consider they will spend the repair and installation costs in addition to the liquidation price of the unit.

The liquidation price of the package is US28,000, which is 83% Off the price the seller paid for it.


This package includes everything for Extraction, Distillation, Crystallization and THC Remediation, as well as a whole lot of other stuff you are going to need like a C1D1 Fume Hood, Biomass Dryer and Grinder, -40C Freezer, a Forklift and much much more.

Important Note: This equipment was only used for three months, so it is like brand new.

Package Includes:

One (1) ACE 30: Ethanol Centrifuge Extractor.
One (1) AV30: Ethanol Recovery System.
One (1) SE53 Solventvap: 20L Rotary Evaporator.
One (1) CDU 3000: Short-Path Distillation System made by German company UIC GmbH.
One (1) FP1: Filter Press.
Four (4) RV-100L: Reactionary Vessels.
Two (2) AT160 – 16 Cu. Ft. Vacuum Ovens.
One (1) Agilent 1200: Liquid Chromatography System.
One (1) Agilent/HP 6850: Gas Chromatography System.
Two (2) EXP2: C1D1 Rooms.
One (1) Biomass Dryer System.
One (1) Biomass Grinder.
One (1) -40C Freezer.
All necessary Chillers and Pumps.
All other Ancillary Equipment.
Much much more, request full list.

The liquidation price of the whole package is USD810,704, which is 50% Off the price the seller paid for it. Plus a whole lot more stuff they are throwing in for Free as a Bonus.


“Like New” High Throughput Ethanol Extraction System at 70% Off. This American manufactured Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System is capable of processing up to 4,000 lbs. of biomass per 24 hours. Installation and Training can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

The equipment was just for about a year twelve hours per week. It is in excellent condition.

Package Includes:

One (1) Pinnacle AES (Alcohol Extraction Skids): Throughput up to 4,000 pounds of biomass per 24 hours.
One (1) Pinnacle SRS (Solvent Recovery Skid): Throughput up to 100 liters per hour.
One (1) American Made Centrifuge.

Important Note: This offer will only be sold as a complete package.

New liquidation price is USD137,700, which is 70% Off what the seller paid for it.


Flower Trimmer, Sorter and Grinder Package plus (2) free additional pieces of equipment that contribute to plant health and productivity. Together these assets can help automate and optimize flower manufacturing with little to no ancillary equipment.

The flower processing package includes:

(2) EZTrim Satellite Flower Trimmers (filter bag not included)
(1) Schutte Hammermill MM12 Flower Grinder
(1) GreenBroz Flower Sorter

Added in for free as a value added addition to this package are:

(2) BioTherm TOOBTM O2 Infuser column with Silent and Oil free air compressor, Oxygen Concentrator and Electronic Control panel
Original cost of both of these items is roughly $20,000.

The liquidation price of this package is USD33,018, which is 50% off the original invoice, plus a $20,000 bonus for the additional assets included at no cost.


Price Drop Alert: This seller is highly motivated to sell quickly. Today, they have dropped the price by USD1.55M. The previous price was USD3.8M, which was the seller’s cost in building out and equipping the facility. The new liquidation price is USD2.25M, which is USD1.55M less than it cost them to buildout and equip the facility. Favorable seller financing is also available upon request.

Turnkey completely built-out 12,500 sq ft facility is located in Tampa, Florida. The landlord has provided a letter stating they will continue to lease the property to the new owner of the facility. The term of lease could be up to 5 years with an option to extend another 3-5 years. Current lease with expenses works out to approximately $16k per month.

The facility consists of a 10,000 sq ft of air-conditioned warehouse space where the equipment is segregated by process in customized modular rooms. The practical layout ensures an efficient workflow and GMP protocols can be adhered to. There are four rooms in total consisting of an ethanol storage vault, crude extraction room, distillation room, and a large walk-in chemical ventilation room.

The extraction and post-processing equipment was made by American manufacturer SciPhy Systems. The extraction processing equipment was never operated, and the post-processing equipment was operated for less than a year.

Hemp Processing Capacity/Throughput:

Biomass: 3,600 pounds per day, three shifts (150 lbs. per hour).

Distillate: 240 kilos per day, three shifts (10 kilos per hour).

Isolate: 57 kilos per day, three shifts (19 kilos per shift).

Included is also 2,500 sq ft of air-conditioned office space, which is fully furnished, and includes an IT room. The facility is secured via a camera system, 15 cameras inside and out, and has a badge swipe entry-system installed.