Liquidation Sale of Multiple Items (Wipe Film, Falling Film, Indoor Grow, C1D1 Room, etc)

Hi guys. I have the following liquidation units for sale. All new and never used:

  1. Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Skid for THC Removal, and also isolates minor cannabinoids. Made by Gilson. Cost $187K, being sold for $93K

  2. C1D1 Room for Hydrocarbon Extraction and/or Ethanol Extraction. Original price was $73K. Being sold for $31K.

  3. 2-stage Wipe Film Evaporator and Short Path Distillation Skid by Sciphy (Capacity 10 liters per hour). Comes with chillers, pumps and other ancillary equipment. Original price was $400K. Being sold for about $200K.

  4. Falling Film Evaporator with warranty. Made by Pinnacle Stainless. Capacity is 100 liters per hour. Original price was $200K. Being sold for $99K.

  5. 18 Modular Indoor Grow Rooms with HVAC and Gas-Fired Chillers. Original price $1.6 million. Being sold for about $800K.

Contact me for any details, as it’s a bit impractical to post multiple links to pictures/video in one post. Cheers

Whats the throughput of the wiper

Capacity is 10 liters per hour. Just added that to the post

Interested in the falling film. Sent you a dm. Thanks!


It has a 100L feed vessel

I mean is that 10l input or output? It ran like this for you?

Size, photos, location?

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The location is New York and the dimensions are 14’ D x 10’ W x 98” H.

The input is 100 liters per hour, which is the amount of solvent the unit will evaporate. The 10 liters per hour is the output.

are the indoor grow containers the same set up that was posted a few months back?

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Falling Film Still available? Whats the inches. Sent you DM

C1d1 room still avail? Contact info?

I already emailed you and we spoke about this. Did you and your partners want to move on it?

C1D1 still available?

Yes it is. DM for info

C1D1 available still?

No it’s been sold. Sorry

Shoot me a email with the details

Sent you an email