Liquidation Sale: Extraction facilities, Packaging Lines, CO2 Extractor & Wipe Film

Hi everyone. I have the below items on firesale.

  1. A licensed hemp extraction facility in Colorado is on firesale, with a capacity for processing 1000 lbs. of biomass per day. The facility consists of a 6,000 square feet building that sits on 1.5 acres of property. The property is leased for a period of 3-years at $4,500 per month. The lease has 2 years remaining and can be renewed or the property purchased from the current owner.

The facility comes with approximately $650K in equipment, and the liquidation price is $2.52M which 50% of the estimated value.

  1. A licensed Turnkey extraction business 30 minutes from Chicago is for sale. It has a capacity for processing 2,000 lbs. of biomass per day from raw plant material to crude oil, distillate or other concentrates. The sellers have other operations around the country and want to focus on their THC business, so they’re exiting the hemp side of things.

The liquidation price is $2.6 million, which 50% the estimated $5.2 million value

  1. A New CO2 Extractor by Vitalis is on sale. The package Includes a Vitalis Q90S with 90L capacity (Installed but never used), plus all ancillary equipment for biomass extraction except Chillers which can be purchased separately from Vitalis or other.

The price of the equipment is $204,500, which is 50% Off.

  1. A 2-stage Wipe Film Evaporator and Short Path Distillation Skid by Sciphy is on sale (Capacity 10 liters per hour). Comes with chillers, pumps and other ancillary equipment. Original price was $400K. Being sold for about $200K.

  2. A never-used industrial-scale packaging solution is on sale. It’s made up of 3
    complete packaging lines capable of handling the entire packaging
    process from start to finish. It includes:

  • A Dried Flower setup capable of processing up to 6,000 units per hour (100 units per minute)
  • A Oil Fill setup capable of processing up to 4,500 units per hour (75 units per minute)
  • A Finishing setup capable of cartoning up to 3,600 units per hour (60 units per minute)
  • A Tax Stamp Machine capable of stamping up to 7,200 units per hour (120 units per minute)

The liquidation price of the equipment is $1,256,905, which is 50% Off.

Contact me for any details, as it’s a bit impractical to post multiple links to pictures/video in one post. Cheers