Liquidation Sale: Dry Flower Packaging Line

Hi everyone

For companies that move a lot of flower, I have a never-used Dry Flower Packaging Line for sale. The system was purchased by a large company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange that simply bought too much equipment, so they are liquidating it. The line is capable of processing up to 6,000 units per hour (100 units per minute), whether CBD or THC Flower.

The machines included are:

i) A bottle unscrambler with a rinser by Palace

ii) Rotary Chuck Capper by Arol

iii) X-Ray inspector by Eagle

iv) A scale and two check weighers by Ohlson

The liquidation price is $421,565, which is 50% Off the original price.

There’s an Oil Fill Line and Finishing Line also available.

Contact me for any details. Cheers

If it’s a Canadian LP I’ll offer $25. They’ve already made billions of dollars worth of writedowns, what’s another $800k?

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