Liquidation Sale: $2.6 million Extraction Facility in Illinois

Hi everyone

A licensed Turnkey extraction business 30 minutes from Chicago is for sale. It has a capacity for processing 2,000 lbs. of biomass per day from raw plant material to crude oil, distillate or other concentrates.

The liquidation price is $2.6 million, which 50% the estimated USD5.2 million value


  • 20,000 sq. ft. facility, divided into two 10,000 sq. ft. buildings, on 4 acres of property.
  • Leased for 5 years, lease price $10,000 per month. Has 2 years 6 months left on lease.
  • Existing processing contracts: $1 million for 2021.
  • Previous Revenue: 2019 = $392K, 2020 = $600K.
  • Licensed for hemp but could be used for cannabis.

I also still have the following on sale:

  1. A never-used industrial-scale packaging solution that includes the following turnkey setups:
  • A Dried Flower setup capable of processing up to 6,000 units per hour (100 units per minute).
  • A Oil Fill setup capable of processing up to 4,500 units per hour (75 units per minute).
  • A Finishing setup capable of cartoning up to 3,600 units per hour (60 units per minute).
  • A Tax Stamp Machine capable of stamping up to 7,200 units per hour (120 units per minute).

The above items can only be purchased as a collection, not separately. The liquidation price of the equipment is $1,256,905, which is 50% Off.

  1. A 2-stage Wipe Film Evaporator and Short Path Distillation Skid by Sciphy (Capacity 10 liters per hour). Comes with chillers, pumps and other ancillary equipment. Original price was $400K. Being sold for about $200K.

Contact me for more details on any of the above, as it’s a bit impractical to post multiple links to pictures/video in one post. Cheers


Why is it for sale? Why couldn’t you make it work?


It’s not a bankruptcy sale. Production is still ongoing and they have $1 million worth of contracts for this year, so they’re looking to exit for reasons unrelated to low revenue. The sellers have other operations around the country and want to focus on their THC business, so they’re exiting the hemp/CBD side of things.

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The equipment is exactly the same. Why not get a processing license for THC instead of selling the whole facility? There’s something missing here.


For starters, it’s in IL. I go there often and my wife’s from Peoria. It sucks there, taxes way too high.

I went to one dispensary while I was up there, and for a half gram of live resin in a ccell, they were charging $82!!!

Good luck with the sale!! I had to go way below 50% on my distillation skid “and everything included” to make the sale happen on my end. And I was pulling over $1M a year in sales with my crew. Idk, I guess people are seeing distillate is slowly fading?


This is a scary investment! Even if I had the extra money laying around looking for investments this one in particular would be a very very scary thing to fund…