Liquidation/Firesale of Labs, Farms and Extraction Equipment

Hi everyone

Below are my available firesales of extraction equipment and farms. It includes the following 5 items:

i) A High-Throughput Cryogenic ethanol extraction system
ii) A new Apache Boiler by Superior Boilers
iii) 45-acre cannabis farm in Santa Barbara
iv) Flower Trimmer, Sorter, Grinder package
v) Extraction Facility in Tampa Florida

Please send me a message if there’s any interest. Pictures, videos and spec sheets can be shared with buyers only. Descriptions below



A like-new high-throughput Ethanol Extraction System is being sold at 70% Off. This Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction System is capable of processing up to 4,000 lbs. of biomass per 24 hours. Installation and Training can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

The equipment was used for about a year at twelve hours per week. It is in excellent condition.

Package Includes:

One (1) Pinnacle AES (Alcohol Extraction Skids): Throughput up to 4,000 pounds of biomass per 24 hours.
One (1) Pinnacle SRS (Solvent Recovery Skid): Throughput up to 100 liters per hour.
One (1) American Made Centrifuge.

Important Note: This offer will only be sold as a complete package.

The new liquidation price is $137,700, which is 70% Off what the seller paid for it


A new Apache Boiler is available from Superior Boilers. This boiler is fully modular, skid-mounted and ready to be easily installed in any processing facility.

This package includes:

  • One (1) Superior Apache Boiler 40
  • Pressure of 150 psi steam and 30-160 psi hot water
  • 40 hP motor
  • 1380 lbs/hr of steam at 212 degrees F
  • Dimensions 114 x 61 x 73”
  • One (1) Reservoir Tank

The liquidation price of this package is $24,650, which is 50% off the original invoice.


This seller is highly motivated to sell quickly. They’ve have dropped the price by $1.2 million. The new liquidation price is $8.7 million

The County Board of Supervisors has now implemented a cap for cannabis business licenses in the county based on permit applications received by July 9th of 2021. This means there will be a total of 1575 acres of cannabis cultivation in Santa Barbara County. No additional permits will be issued to applicants that applied after the cap deadline on July 9th, 2021.


  • 45-acres of approved Cannabis Cultivation Canopy, located on a 406-acre parcel.

  • The property is permitted for 27+ acres of hoop rows and 17+ acres of outdoor cultivation.

  • Written agreements have been signed with all neighbors to support the conversion of the hoop row acreage into greenhouses as part of a CUP process

  • A permitted mobile home sits on the property. An existing accessory dwelling unit is currently going through the permitting process. (This is a beautiful property for developing a home).

  • Existing wells provide water for the property’s agricultural and living needs (total pump capacity is in excess of 200 gallons/minute).

  • All county licensing requirements (installation of perimeter fencing, a high-tech security system, agricultural screening, property clean-up, etc.) have been completed. Obtaining final county department signoffs is in process. The property will be delivered with its operating business license in place.

  • The property is one of the last large, permitted and licensed cultivation assets available for purchase in the state.

  • State license applications are completed (but not yet submitted) for the entire 45-acre grow.

  • Given state processing times, final approval is expected in time for a 2023 grow if submitted prior to calendar year-end 2022.

Liquidation Asking Price - $8.7.M ($193,333 per permitted and licensed acre). This price is a fraction of what similar large cultivated and licensed properties in the county would trade for. Whichever company gets it will have the opportunity to grow in 2023 with a competitive cost advantage relative to its competitors.


Flower Trimmer, Sorter and Grinder Package plus two free additional pieces of equipment that contribute to plant health and productivity. Together these assets can help automate and optimize flower manufacturing with little to no ancillary equipment.

The flower processing package includes:

(2x) EZTrim Satellite Flower Trimmers (filter bag not included)
(1x) Schutte Hammermill MM12 Flower Grinder
(1x) GreenBroz Flower Sorter

Added in for free as a value added addition to this package are:

(2x) BioTherm TOOBTM O2 Infuser column with Silent and Oil free air compressor, Oxygen Concentrator and Electronic Control panel

Original cost of both of these items is roughly $20,000.

The liquidation price of this package is $33,018, which is 50% off the original invoice, plus a $20,000 bonus for the additional assets included at no cost.


A 12,500 sq ft turnkey, completely built-out Hemp Extraction Facility is for sale, located in Tampa, Florida. The landlord has provided a letter stating they will continue to lease the property to the new owner of the facility. The term of lease could be up to 5 years with an option to extend another 3-5 years. Current lease with expenses works out to approximately $16k per month.

The facility consists of a 10,000 sq ft of air-conditioned warehouse space where the equipment is segregated by process in customized modular rooms. The practical layout ensures an efficient workflow and GMP protocols can be adhered to. There are four rooms in total consisting of an ethanol storage vault, crude extraction room, distillation room, and a large walk-in chemical ventilation room.

The extraction and post-processing equipment was made by American manufacturer SciPhy Systems. The extraction processing equipment was never operated, and the post-processing equipment was operated for less than a year.

Hemp Processing Capacity/Throughput:

Biomass: 3,600 pounds per day, three shifts (150 lbs. per hour).

Distillate: 240 kilos per day, three shifts (10 kilos per hour).

Isolate: 57 kilos per day, three shifts (19 kilos per shift).

Included is also 2,500 sq ft of air-conditioned office space, which is fully furnished, and includes an IT room. The facility is secured via a camera system, 15 cameras inside and out, and has a badge swipe entry-system installed.

Any preroll machines?

Any pictures of the items

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Lease 16k/month

Hi. The price is available on request by a buyer.