Liquid Nitrogen Continuous Flow Flash Freezer -SOLD

Jacketed biomass conveyor w/ multiport LN2 direct injection. 304 Stainless throughout. Freeze biomass to -70ºC as fast as you can fill feed hopper. 30” hopper inlet, 6” flange outlet. 3/4 hp conveyance motor. 304 Stainless stand on casters. Great for pre-freezing biomass for cold solvent extraction, instantaneously freezing for live resin biomass storage, or for high-throughput hash production. Mobility makes it useful for all of the above. This doggie is gonna make a truckload of live resin in 2020 for whoever picks it up.

Pics and more info:

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is it still available? what are you asking for it? how much use on it?

oh man, i was looking at that unit on ebay for yrs, almost flew to canada (if i remember correctly) to view the item but never got around to it, and one day it was off ebay. I had hoped someone bought it for blast freezing/embrittlement for cryomilling herb. Is the unit in working condition? Did you use it?

This unit is in North Carolina, and she’s ready to work.

Still available ?

This is SOLD!

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Can you help me with the link above it takes me to an error page or any old pictures of it you could attach to me? I know it’s sold just looking in to this for my company

Google flash freeze tunnels.

They use them for fish sticks and shit. They are available used.

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