Like New Sasquash v2 20 Ton Rosin Press + Hand Pump + Pressure Gauge FOR SALE

Like New Sasquash Rosin Press for sale with Hand Pump (the more controllable, quieter type of pump) and Pressure Gauge. I haven’t found a home for it and need the money. The total cost of all 3 together was $4250 (today new it’s , but I’m Looking for $3750 (+Shipping if necessary) for everything. The press has been used about 15 times or less, and hand pump about 10 times or less. I originally bought the foot pump and upgraded.

I will happily demonstrate that everything is in working order if you are serious about purchasing. Cash only please. I live in Oakland and I’m willing to make the transaction in person as well.

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Curious to see if you still have press available

Still available. Email me @ the email address I messaged you =)

is this still available?

Still available?

This person hasn’t logged in in 2 years so good luck with these inquiries guys

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