Lightly Used Mill for Sale - Food Grade Stainless Steel

Item Model/Manufacturer: JWC Environmental “Muffin Monster” 3-Shred made in SS for food grade - With custom built SS stand

Description: Fantastic Mill for sale, super heavy duty and only lightly used

Price/MSRP: Originally cost $40k! Selling for $8k to make it move!

Current location of item: Brush CO

Estimated lead time: Ready to ship

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Does it have a dust collection system?

Do you have any pictures of the milled biomass that you have run through it? How much can you run in an hour? I see that you have some sort of dust collection attached, is this included in the price?

It is outfitted for dust collection. There are 2 ports just below the mill that you can see fitted with dust hose. That dust hose is included, but we no longer have the dust collector unit with it.

We have not used this unit for a while and I was not involved with it when it was in use, so unfortunately I could not give you an accurate gauge of how much it was running per hour. My apologies on that! I know we had an automatic feeder giving it a constant supply so I think it was pretty significant.

I am attaching a picture here from a grind test that was conducted for purchasing the unit to see the grind size. This is shown on a 1" grid.


Thanks for the information much appreciated.

Very cool. I think I would prefer this to my hammer-mill. dust collection can be made easily with oneida air systems kit

Mill Sold! Thanks everybody