Light/ballast help

Hey all! So recently I was fortunate to score a ton of used equipment from an old grower, allowing me to make a few small upgrades to my setup going into the next season… albeit older stuff, it’s certainly an upgrade from t5s. I’ve been reading up a bunch about lights and ballasts etc, to understand them better, but have a specific question I can’t answer for sure. Basically just wondering if these ballasts will work with these lights…

The lights themselves are a mix of sunlight supply sun system magnum xxxl gen 3 8” lights, and sun system dominator xxxl 8”, running hps

I have the ballasts that go with them, but one is shot, another humming pretty fuckin loud. And then I have several other ballasts. Wondering if I can use the other ballasts to replace some/all of the ballasts. I learned a lot about magnetic ballasts and digital ballasts etc, but still not sure.

So, here’s some pics of the lights. The white sun system ballasts are the ones that go with the lights, the green sun system ballasts are what I’m wondering if I can use with the lights. I’m under the impression that lights and ballasts aren’t as simple as “xxx amperage and watts” will work with any light at those specs. Thank you all :slight_smile:

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You can use them.

All of your non working mags can more than likely be fixed with a $20 capacitor as well.


The green ballasts are way quieter and lighter to hang, as well as a lot newer. If I can use them In place then I will :slight_smile: but as you can see I have plenty backup ballasts.

Yes you can for sure use the green ballast with both your reflectors. You’ll be be a little better using the green ones as they’re slightly more efficient and also dimmable. You have tons of spares lol. May also want to use a new bulbs as they tend to degrade quickly.

As you can see in the picture there’s a giant like 6 foot long box filled with lightbulbs LOL. And thank you for the response on the ballast. They are for sure newer, more efficient, quiet and lighter

I’ve got one of the 1,000watt magnetic ballasts that I can switch between M.H, and HPS. It’s a great light, and I’ve had pretty good success using it. I wish I had more than the 1 that I have because of how good of a light it is!

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Watch the plugs and see how hot they get. When ballasts get old and have problems, they will start melting the plugs.


^ noted!!!