Licensed THC Farms: OR & CA

Hello everyone, we are looking to buy THC Farms, wet whole plants. We will test the material, if it passes we will bring in a team to cut down and remove from the premises. Licensed farms only! Thanks

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Wouldnt you be considered under that particular states “law” pertaining to what the op is doing?

Many travel from say Idaho into Oregon to obtain meds from dispos. I know a few who do (theybuse it strictly for MS use).

We’re not operating illegally here! I’m interested in THC Farms in Oregon and Cali, what do you have to offer? Thanks

You’re a little late for Oregon.

What kinda deal are you offering the farm? How many plants are you looking for?

Contact me. I have 20,000 lbs. just cutting down Wet or dry
818/371/3400. Tony. Licensed with COA

Multiple L2L farms in Cali. Give us a call or email. 541-761-7688 or