Licensed OKC Processor - Need Qualified BHO Consultant

Hey Gents,

Due to a series of failures and let downs, I am in the market for a qualified BHO processing/post-processing consultant.

Huber CS100
Huber CC902
Huber CC315B
Husky 60Gal.
CVO Double-Up w/ Cold Trap and Pump.
200lbs 70/30 Blend
Nitrogen Tank with Reg.

I have four integrated farms with over 100lbs for sugar trim available, with testing for analytics.

Due to previous consultants / trainers, all ancillary equipment should be on-site but will complete whatever checklist you provide.

Expertise needed:
-This is an ETS Machine, someone with specific knowledge on how the machines are run would have top priority.

-I have the ETS user manuals, but will require a safety review of the machine and just doing BHO processing in general. How to clean the solvents, etc.

–I have a pretty decent background in SPD, CO2 Extraction, Winterization, etc. But this will be an entirely new venture for me. But I will need detailed SOPs on Live Resin, Diamonds, Shatter, Sugar, Butter, all of it under the sun. I also have a payment in on a CRC column being built but it will likely not be here by the time our training commences.

-Non-C1D1 environment. The facility has excellent ventilation with 12ft high electrical outlets. But because of the solvent we’re using I would like someone comfortable with training in that type of environment and also helping me make it safer until my C1D1 booth/lab is built at the end of the year.

Little background- I was hired to do some serious CO2/SPD for a big company in OK, they moved me from CA. We have amicably separated and due to the regs here I blew my little nest egg on a package that will help me make some truly amazing craft concentrates. The market here is flooded with rushed crap and because I have no partners, integrated farms, I can be a real competitor with excellent concentrates even running 4lbs at a time.

Thank you guys! References, etc. will be appreciated.

IG @Distillight




When are you interested in having your consult take place?


Did you just move from Roseville ca?

Nah. Huntington Beach.

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Contact me.

A lot people going out that way from here now. Just thaught you might have been someone I knew. Sorry

I currently oversee 1000-1500 lb per day processing facility. We extract with butane and post process to CBD distillate and isolate. I’m a chemical engineering graduate from an ABET accredited University, and my previous experience was specifically process safety in the Oil and Gas industry.

Others would be more qualified and able to consult specifically on craft THC concentrates and hands-on equipment consulting; however, I would be open to offering a cost-effective remote consult on the safety aspects of operating hydrocarbon extraction systems (pressure concerns, C1D1 environment, etc).

DM if you would be open to a limited consult on the above points. Can provide resume and references if interested in moving forward.


Welcome to Oklahoma the 'Who’s Panicking? Not us it seems." state. Where you located in the state, and how are things going for you so far?

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I have experience running an ets and I’m a bho fanatic. I can reach any goal you desire

I’m down …fly me out let’s get to work !

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