Licensed grow facilities in Michigan

My lady is looking for a job in a licensed grow facility in Lansing or surrounding areas. She’s an IPM specialist, but will take a grower position as well.

If anyone is interested, or knows of a facility that is hiring, please let me know and I will get her in contact with you.

Good luck dude, all the licensed grows by Lansing I’ve been talking to are owned by Chaldean Catholic weirdos that won’t do any sort of business outside the church. Sales, hiring, or otherwise.


The two big ones I’m aware of nearby are Green Peaks and C3, are those in that loop?

Beyond that, doesn’t that violate EEOC laws? I would think they could be sued for religious discrimination if that’s true.

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greed peak kinda sucks

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Good luck trying to enforce anything. It’s all about word trickery now.

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Those were just 2 large scale ones I was aware of, after looking up the license listing, there’s at least 3 or 4 more large ones.

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If she’s still looking, and Van Buren County isn’t too far, let me know.

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From Michigan here and trust me the Chaldean Catholics are a breed of their own with a strong hold on Lansing and Detroit area.

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And most 80%+ of the grow store are owned by them.

Its crazy. Just in my limited experience with them it seems like no matter what they are always gonna make sure they get just a slightly better deal than you. Thankfully I don’t deal with them often.