LICENSED Cultivator Seeking Solventless Manufacturing Partners

A colleague of mine is seeking up to 8 California licensed solventless manufacturers to contract this fall’s harvest. The farm is located in Santa Barbara and grows both outdoor and greenhouse. You select genetics, deliver your harvest SOPs and lock in pricing from $40-90 per pound of fresh frozen dependant on volume of commitment and outdoor vs. greenhouse. There are currently 4 acres turnkey with permits to scale as high as 14 total acres. The company I work for has already committed to half an acre. I am uncertain how much greenhouse space is available vs. outdoor space.

Please DM me for contact info and I will connect you directly.


What are these strains projected to yield on average

Strains are up to you to hunt. We chose a couple autoflowers that will turn around in 100 days and dump 6-7% to water hash. We found them as seeds and the farmer purchased them. I’d prefer to just connect any interested parties to the farm directly as I don’t have all the answers nor the time to mediate. But the owner is a super chill dude so he’s a pleasure to work with.