Licensed Cat3 Trim needed



Need 1,000 pounds weekly on contract of LICENSED 17-19% Cat3 trim ASAP in California.
Call or text (657)456-4233


Have you found a source yet?


I have however I have another 6,000 pounds of L2L Cat3 trim I need to fill. Please advise.


We just need LOI Lic and POF and I can get a quote together no problem


I need a firm price, qty available and % prior to sending any info. Only need 11-13% THC. Thanks!


can’t give a firm price without any of that info. I’ve never given firm pricing without it. None of that info locks you down on a deal it means you’re a serious buyer.


Thanks for response. I would need pricing prior to forwarding any info. Thanks anyways.


There’s not a manufacturer or broker out there that will give you a price first. What price point roughly do you need to hit? Let’s start there


Every deal structure starts with a price first. I am not a Newbee. Thanks but no thanks.