Licensed cannabis market news

NY is just really doing everything they can to fuck up their rec implementation

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The governor just left VA’s rec market to the unregulated tobacco shops that already serve a lot of users/patients in the state instead. They raided a lot of the popups away but they exist with a much smaller crowd today. Most of the rec work whether it be flower extracts or vapes is moved as THCa at tobacco shops so the governor just left VA rec market to the people to figure out.

You can grow up to 4, if you’re to grow inside the police cannot search your home for the odor they can’t search your home for even seeing you grow in your home as far as I remember the previous liberal governor pushed all these executive orders through to make sure people dont get caught in the ambiguity of the laws.

Any amount of marijuana found in your home you have an affirmative defense for possessing due to the fact that you could be growing for a while and just be building up inventory since you can’t sell it. Possession in public was (may have changed) up to 1oz. Anything over 1oz-3.99oz is a citation, 4oz-1lb is a misdemeanor. Hashish was redefined by executive order to be considered the same legally as -flower marijuana. And again any personal possession at home by adults 21+ is not subject to penalty.

To grow more than 4 there was a number where it’s still just a civil violation

5-10 plants - Civil violation
11-49 plants - Class 1 misdemeanor
50+ plants - Felony

With all those protections it’s interesting seeing the rec market vetoed by the new governor especially when he’s concerned with ‘dispensaries opening up on every corner’ and instead we have 2-3 tobacco shops at every corner and shopping centers and the only reason they are open and profitable is because they sell all the ‘THCa hemp’ / ‘hemp derived d9’ products to anyone who comes through. Very unregulated, and many of the shop owners have no idea what they are buying and reselling to the public and since he vetoed the rec market these stores will thrive where they wouldn’t have if he had passed the bill.

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