Licensed California Extraction, Distribution, and Job Opportunities

I have a licensed CA business with a type 11 distribution and type 6 manufacturing facility. Posting to see what opportunities are in the Future4200 community to add to our team, sales, and brand portfolio. My team can offer licenses to operate and complete transactions, legal compliancy help, and financial/banking solutions.

Responders I’m looking for include:
-Licensed buyers/sellers of wholesale distillate
-Brands looking for licensing in CA to operate
-Licensed manufacturers/cultivators looking to save money on distribution transport
-Anyone with experience in post processing that needs a licensed facility to operate in
-Any reasonable sales opportunities that need help with license and compliancy


would this work in san diego?

We aren’t located in San Diego, but we are able to do distribution there. What are you interested in?

Anything in the LA area? I’m willing to relocate, given the right circumstances, but have been working on a few things down here.

I’ve experience with ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, post processing, distillation, custom system design and streamlining operations.

I’d be happy to meet sometime and discuss the various ways we could help each other out. I can bring in functional equipment and operators, in which case we could either attain our own license and work under type “S,” or bring in the LLC and operate contracted under your license.

Alternatively, I could help you save lots and lots of money buying your own equipment, as well as train your current operators or manage/oversee daily operations.

I’d be happy to schedule a meet and greet if you’re interested. There are a few ways we could go forward, depending on the scope of projects on your end as well as mine. My partner is in Humboldt for the moment, if that is any closer to you. He is quite experienced on the cultivation side, but has also set up a processing facility with me (whole biomass to distillate).

I can also definitely help you in the wholesale distribution world. CAT 2 requirements and everything, as needed.

If interested, shoot me a private message and we can email/phone chat and go from there.

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I am looking for licensing in CA to operate and have post processing experience as well as a plethora manufacturing, cultivation and regulation experience. Would love to chat more

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setting up a pesticide removal operation on contaminated material. Our technologies works on small and large scale and we want to set up a operation to do large scale pesticide removal and purification. Maybe even work on CBD


shoot me your contact info and a good time to call

Hello Rosa Im looking for Cat 2 pest free Distillate can you help me please?

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Yes, I can! shoot me a message with your contact info. I have a distribution license and can handle that as well.

We are licensed distributor in Northern California with multiple brands including a pen company and distallate on a steady supply. We are not going to be able to serve San Diego as we are in humboldt a s that means we need a facility down there to follow all the rules coming in the future. Maybe there is a way to have you distribute our products in San Diego? We have our type 6 as well along with a massive amount of flower and solid trim sources.


Im not licensed but I will if need be! Im looking for units of trim. Ive been this game since I was 14 and Im 51 now! But it just seems to be getting harder to get my foot in the door! Im an Electrician now , but now even work is slowing down… It just adds to the strrss of having to mess with pain in the ass people just to get something gong! I hope You can help me out on this because. 8m running low on options! Out here all is You need is Your drivers license to go to dispensary!