Licensed BHO crude

In need of licensed BHO crude. Long term volume contracts. 60% or higher THC. Category 2. Must be licensed and clean.

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Where are you based?

Los Angeles but willing to work and travel anywhere in California. Client is willing to sign long term contracts.

ArcataX, Arcata California, humboldt county. Very clean, regularly deep clean machines and facility, nice hardworking people.


I’ll take the same

Budget? Quantity needed?

100-300L wkly, as low as possible

Got L2L bho raw Cat2 crude 4000L/week capacity available to be contracted- it’s 4/L to me so please add .25 if feasible or we can work out a flat residual fee so no add on $ etc- very flexible

Bho Raw cat2 Crude, It’s guaranteed to still be cat2 clean when distillated as well.

Have contract from the distro company if you need it to get started just lmk

Does it need to be Fully Winterized?

I know them boyz!

Look into premium extracts. On Instagram is probably the fastest way to contact or their site