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I currently consult with a distributor/ cultivator group in Eureka, California. My goal is to reach out to other licensed distributors / dispensaries to help sell products at a wholesale price

All of our flower is grown in forever flower style greenhouses equipped with heating, cooling in a mixed light setting, We are partnered with @smallboutiquefarms for there lineup of exclusive strains recognized by high-times magazine such as Chocolate Mints. Also, grow with @doncarlosreggae to produce flower for his cannabis brand.

I’m working up an inventory sheet on that will be updated weekly, with test results.

Also, I’d like to help solve the issue of throwing away good trim, because of not having a purchaser or processor for it. So if you could point me in the direction of someone or yourself is a processor please feel free to chat it up about a potential business opportunity.

One thing I do understand is the market saturation of today, so I understand the task I’m going to accomplish won’t be so easy. But I look forward from hearing feedback from the forum group here!.

If you made it this far I really appreciate that you took time out of your day to hear what I’ve said here. If your local to the area or are in the area and would like a tour of our facilities just shoot me a message and we can arrange that for you.


I’m a processor. If you need any trim processed into whatever consistency of your choice hit us up. I can make any trim into any consistency, fresh or old don’t matter


I have a bag of 2year old trim I need turned in to live rosin please.:joy:. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself


What approximate price point? IME only top end deps are really moving right now.

That response is serious Comedy.