Licenced Crude - Looking For Source

I have someone I know looking for sources of licensed crude. I’d be connecting you directly I’m not looking to get anything out of this as a broker or anything, just helping some friends get work done. They need bulk orders of around 4000+ liters of raw or W/D crude that is available consistently. They need these deals closed asap, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll connect you to them.

This is what they are looking for:
Cat 3 bho
Raw 2650-2750. 3000L
W d/c 29-3050. 3000L

Cat 3 ethanol 2000L
Raw 2500-2700
W d/c 29-3050

Those prices arnt that realistic


Please call can help 925-595-4664

I have w/de polished crude coa 70%. 80-100 a week

400L available. Cat 3. 75% ethanol extracted
200L per week output. Contract prices available. DM for price

We can supply 100 kg per week of polished CBD oil Cold Ethanol Extract Full Spectrum 60% CBD or a Broad Spectrum oil with 80% CBD 0% THC. All done at low temperatures and with chromatographic techniques utilizing ethanol as only solvent, so that molecules are not degraded or altered with heat.

What a lying scammer. You can’t help with shit.