LF Suggestions on D8/Live Resin Enhanced Disposable Hardware

Hey All,

Looking for some recommendations for our Live Resin Disposable Vape Hardware. After testing all the known brands we haven’t found hardware that doesn’t clog. Some clogs can be popped somewhat easily, others need iron lungs. I’m aware this is a universal issue for Disposables but wanted to ask anyways.

10% Hemp Live Resin High-Terpene-Extract
4% Cryo-Terpenes
86% Distilalte

I appreciate yall

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Try more hte up to 30% depending on the hte Saturation level

Hi friend, we are glad to provide our disposable vape hardware for you. RELEAFY Vibe&VibePro Disposables With No Central Tube. Resistance 1.4Ω&1.6Ω. If you like it, we can ship the sample to you for testing. Vibe disposable vape pen

What brands have you tested so far, so we don’t waste your time suggesting stuff you’ve tried? What does the hte move like at room temp?


Arent you using CBD live resin?

The high cbd is the real problem

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Clogging is a common problem for cannabis vape hardwares.Maybe you can try
our uKera XP Lite to solve it.

*To solve the clogging with some structure upgraded.
------ Make the center post and ceramic inside diameter bigger.
------ Bypass air channel to unclog.

DM me for more details What’s app:+86 13926257035

Since when does distillate get you “live resin”?!?


Hemp derived cannabinoid brands dont even pretend to use logic anymore

Everyone just has to play along with the bs


Step 1 - Extract Live Resin from Fresh Frozen Hemp
Step 2 - Purchase DIstillate
Step 3 - Mix Live Resin and Distillate
Step 4 - Be accused of not using logic and bullshitting.


Yes – here’s a potency snapshot of the HTE we use. (Nearly all fats and lipids removed)

It doesn’t… “High-Terpene-Extract” is derived from Fresh-Frozen Input, resulting in a Live Resin Concentrate that we further process to remove the fats and lipids. The Distillate is not the problem, the HTE is fairly thick thus the inquiry about Live Resin-focused hardware.

10% is the Max we can get of Live resin HTE for Total THC compliance.

If you want to call something that’s almost completely distillate anything other than distillate that’s your call

Obviously pure cbd live resin cartridges aren’t going to be compliant so you cant make a legit pure live resin cartridge like d 9 market has

That just still doesnt make it a legit live resin cart. It’s distillate with a little bit of live resin added

I get it. I really do. It’s the best you can offer but that’s what i mean by everyone just has to play along

In a perfect world you could just cart up some terpy cbd live resin and not worry about d 9 limit

Thats what critics and probably anyone here would agree is a “live resin cartridge”

but obviously that’s not an option in hemp

I will say live resin is legit. Bummer it can get carted up as is. A mutual friend showed me your sour strains recently


I understand where you’re coming from and I agree with you, Live-Resin Enhanced Cart would’ve been the appropriate title.

Our oils are non-detect D9, 2%-4% ThCa, so in some jurisdictions, it is possible to do a 100% HTE cart, which as you said, is ideal.


As far as truth in labeling. This at least has live cannabinoids in it. Have you been to a smoke shop they’ve been terping the distillate that goes into gummies and calling it live resin gummies.

they are calling d8, hhc, and acetates all live resin.

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Hey there,

Have you tested CCELL yet? As the original creators of the 510-thread and disposables, our hardware is far more reliable and consistent! I’d say for a live resin vape you can go with the Ccell Poche, or perhaps the 1ml Listo if the oils not too viscous.

Let me know if you’d like more info!



I would definitely give ours a try. We recently launched them and they have been testing extremely well with the companies that we’ve sent/sold them to. They’re super thin, have a smooth finish, and are perfect for live resin/hash rosin extracts. As a matter of fact most of our partners use them for their hash rosin product line.

You can also try our G104 to solve problems of clogging and to make your oil perform perfectly .

------ Dual airflow channel to unclog.
------ Patent Ultra heating element,nano-film Ceramic,more vapor production and purer flavor.

DM me What’s app: +86 13926257035 for more details.

If you would like to try out our DS9 disposable vapes. works for Live Resin/ Rosin pretty well.

BUDTANK DS9 Disposable Vape - 1 Gram, equipped with BCORE Heating Technology, good for thick Oil, no clogging.

More details pls check: https://budtanks.com/product-details/d9/

Samples are available for your testing, for any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact me at: promotion04@buddyvape.com, Whatsapp: +86-18028750531

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