Level three verification CELEBRATION SALE

nice clean crude with a great minor profile-
I have 300kg available immediately and another 6700 from the same lot coming, you can get yourself set up with a consistent product so no need to reformulate!

Rock bottom pricing, I can and will beat the quality and price of anyone else out there, this is a superior product and it shows, got sample packs I can send out at a moments notice.

Get em while they’re hot


Congratulations on the level 3 verification, I just sent a pm.

I can’t get a damn affiliate all the way out to Florida -_- we need a east coast registered official to do level 3 certs


Having met and spent a decent amount of time with @Killa12345 combined with his outstanding reputation here and throughout the industry, I’d gladly nominate him for the role.

Not sure if he’s interested but just an idea


Oh nice then he can jog on up here and slap me with a cert lol

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Love this idea!


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I will but I really don’t know what to look for! I’d love to see some places of these people and spread the good word of how the good life gang can help your business.

If I’m just looking for a legit facility and the capability and actual extraction. I can easily do this. I’ll talk to @Kingofthekush420 and get some of the checklist but I’d be honored too


We can do a walkthrough of my facility and give you good examples


Level 3 is mainly to verify that person has a lab where they mfg what it is they say the slang. That lab should be clean, professional, well lit, well equipped.

@Siosis would be a great first one since we know he is legit


@patriotshield wants to help with new verifications.
They have been trying to get Level 3 verified, but it’s been tough to square down an appointment in Denver. But we do transportation and security and proof of life for our clients, so making new rounds for Future4200.com is trivial for us.

Pictures of your crude?

You’re more than welcome to come see our spot too :call_me_hand: got some of those fancy 3 letter gubment certs.