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@KindOasis invited me out to Milwaukee, Wisconson last weekend to tour their retail shop with attached kitchen space.

This family business, a former rug import facility, is square in the middle of downtown and was beautiful inside and out!

They have been focusing on gummies lately, which are all made and cut by hand. Their recipe is excellent, the gummies had a great texture and flavors.

Overall, very pleased with the facilities and the people here. This is the mom and pop cannabis roots I relate most with.

Thanks for having me out guys :call_me_hand:t3:


I love that mural!!


Thank you! Brings good vibes all day long.


Small batch all natural gummies available. Vegan. Made with pectin and corn syrup.

We stock 25 mg FS CBD in assorted flavors. And 25 mg Delta 8 in assorted flavors. Current in stock flavor list can be provided. In stock gummy price. 25 mg FS CBD: $0.22…. 25 mg Delta 8 THC: $0.27. Minimum order qty: 440/flavor.

Full panel COAs on all distillate and potency COAs on gummies. White label COA’s available for $50. Discounts for larger volume. Same day shipping if ordered before 12 central.

Custom gummies: We can customize flavor or potency at request. Minimum order size is 440. One week turn around time. Optional additions or upgrades. Tapioca Syrup, vitamin C, L-theanine, Zinc, much more…DM for price quote and details. Discounts on larger volumes and repeat orders.

Additionally we accept client medicine with COA and can charge base price for production. DM for price quote and details.

Free samples available to all Future 4200 members. Please DM with shipping address and CBD or D8 or both.

Visit our website for more info. www.kindoasis.com. Best prices for Future members. Let us know you found us here!


I need bulk 25mg CBD gummies! @KindOasis


That’s some damn good pricing, in my opinion.

We charge almost a buck a piece for our gummies.

Keep rocking it!



Just got to our sample of these and they’re AWESOME!!! We’ve canceled an order with another company and are going with these guys. Thanks a ton @KindOasis !!


Can’t wait to get your order in the mail! And thanks for the Kind review.


Nice looking place you have there @KindOasis, and your gummies sound great. Happy to see businesses like this in Wisconsin!


We also got samples from KindOasis. They are the tastiest we have tried so far, and the range of options and flavors they offer is amazing. We are switching our products over to them as fast as we can.


Thanks for the kind review WG! We appreciate it. Looking forward to getting an order out for you!


Stop in for a visit anytime you are through the Midwest! Would love to have you. Thank you!!


Thanks for the invite. We might do our own version of the Lake Michigan circle tour in a week or two. If we do, we’ll stop by for sure! Otherwise I’ve been wanting to check out the domes in Milwaukee for a long time, and of course Hank Jr is playing at the state fair, so I’m sure you’ll see me sooner than later.


We are right in the middle of all of that. Looking forward to having you through beautiful Milwaukee!


Great customer service, quick shipping. The sample CBD gummies are tasty. Even though it was a hot day, they arrived in great shape. Expect an order from me soon!


When I grabbed my gummies out of the mailbox they had been in there an extra day or two, my driveway is pretty long so sometimes we don’t check the box and they were completely fine. Normal edibles have me looking out the windows all the time like my neighbors are going to invade my house, d8 has less of that effect on me, so that why I enjoy them. They sent me a bunch of flavors and will be ordering from them again. I understand the problems with smoking d8 but as an edible I really like the experience and hope it can stay relevant. Great company as of now!


I just got my order, which shipped quickly. These puppies are high quality, fresh and tasty. Great communication from the seller. I would definitely recommend them!


Thanks @AgTonik Looking forward to working together again.

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Ordered 3000 gummies assorted flavors. Solid product , quick turnaround, good communication, affordable pricing.

Product: 10/10: I still need third party testing but as far as appearance and taste are concerned they did well.

Customer service 10/10: Quick response, quick shipping. My package got delayed a few days but that was on USPS.

I’ll try and update with pictures, the gummies are not stuck together and hold their shape well.

Thanks @KindOasis !

Update : Third party testing was consistent with the advertised potency and passed a control study for potency


Sent you a PM @KindOasis let me know if that is the best contact :slight_smile: