Lenticular Filter System - SOLD

Item: TCW Equipment Lenticular Filter System

Location: Nevada City, CA

Price: $5,000

Complete filter system ready to help you winterize. Includes coarse and fine lenticular filter (all stainless), food grade hoses (not pictured), a bonus 36" diameter SP Scienceware benchtop Büchner type filter, eight aluminum kegs with 4" TC ports on top and 1.5" TC ports on bottom, loads of valves (butterfly and ball type), two dip tub assemblies. Local pickup in Nevada City, California. No filter cartridges for the lenticular system, but several unused paper filters for the 36" Büchner. Works like a champ, we’re just out of the crude game.

These have found a new forever home. Cheers.

Items have been sold - Thread closed