Leftover Distillate

I have a bunch of jars used with distillate. I noticed that all of them have some amount of leftover distillate on the walls or bottoms of the jars. What do you guys do with this leftover distillate? I was thinking I could maybe put a little ethanol in each jar, close the lids, shake til the distillate and ethanol combine at a lower viscosity and collect them in one jar to be used for edibles. I’m not a chemist though, I just fill carts. I’d appreciate any advice given.

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Soak as many jars as possible and rotovap off any alcohol

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If you have time and dont want to use a solvent, you could always put them in the oven upside down in a glass pyrex pan. About 3-4 at a time. Then when you’re feeling bored you could just take that pan straight to redistillation (because it’ll probably be browned from burning the terps into/out of it.)