LED lights

Hey, guys
Any one interested in the LED light?
650W, 5 year warranty. Samsung 301b chips, ETL listed.

Thank you

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How many do you need?

Let’s start with 1

where is your address?

99503, Anchorage, AK

There is no lights in stock at the warehouse in California, can only ship from China.
Total cost(by express to your door) is $917

Buy straight from hlg.com or timberled. You can prob get it for around the same $900 price but you know it’s genuine parts and comes with a warranty.

If you dead set on buying this style then go to alibaba. You can get same light for under $600 shipped from China with airfreight. You can also get a fluence from the grow store for under $1200. So $915 for this light is a joke, no savings in buying sub par light with possibly b grade chips. Check out miami mango on ig. He had some think… brand lights can’t remember the name. Those are great too. Got some for around the $900 when I last bought.

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I’ve got a buddy building them with strip LED’s for like 100 bucks up here. I hate vague sales posts, or advertisements. If you’re trying to sell some shit, tell me what it is, and how much it costs. I shouldn’t have to DM someone to get an idea if I even want their product. Just my opinion, not that you were asking.

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Selling top of the line fluence spydr x plus 645 watt LEDs. Used one cycle. Yields 2-3 lb per light of top quality bud. Still in boxes with dimmers and 15’ 240v and 15’ 120v cables