Leak proof cartridge, any other options?


So I noticed the high failure rate on these leakproof cartridges from @topchances

Is there anything that’s actually decent for shipping via airplane? Anyone have any tips or tricks for shipping regular carts otherwise?

I found a really cool looking 1ml with a 100% defect rate, none worked


Lol good to know

Its a shame cause it looks really cool and makes a 1ml cartridge look like 2ml.

The psychological impact of a fat cart rose confidence in the kangertech tanks we used to sell for thick oils. They were 2ml though, but looked much more massive

These would be ur best bet for air travel


It sounds to me like the locking base wouldn’t have solved anything anyway. Even if you were to plug all of the bottom holes you’d also need to plug opening we draw from to prevent fluid from being pushed out as the reduced pressure is causing the bubble inside the chamber to expand.

Alternatively, if you intend to ship via air fill/cap and immediately flip upside down to prevent oil from wicking. Might have to change up your process to really get each one flipped in time to prevent wicking, but if you do it right the expanding and contracting air shouldn’t affect your oil.

Just my thoughts. Unless I’m overlooking how terpenes behave at that reduced pressure.


Since you happen to have one if those on hand, can you get me a measurement of the draw distance the plunger has to travel to fill 1ml?

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I don’t have any measuring implements here


No biggie, my shipment should be in soon anyway. I’m chomping at the bit to finalize a project I’m working on to help streamline some shit.

Would putting in vac chamber and seeing if anything even happens not solve this, and send already vac sealed?

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LOL@ITSUWA :grinning:

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That’s actually a good idea. The solutions can easily be tested by putting it in the vacuum chamber and reducing to the atmospheric pressure at the height planes fly. If it’s in a vacuum sealed container and not leaking it’d stand to reason it won’t. You’d want to hold it at the pressure for maybe 24hrs to really be sure.

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its not an itsuwa

Then they ripping off itsuwa HARD in aesthetics

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The amigo Q series, the itsuas you’re refering too rip off the kanger tanks in aesthetics. I have seen both and these two do not look alike

Visually inspect. None of these are 1ml or have closable ports. But kudos for knowing this line. It means you are not cheap.

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@topchances design is a good one and i feel like they could stop quite a bit of traveling leakage problems but the closure/bearing mechanism needs to be engineered better. its far to fragile to be useful

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Fair point! They are definitely proportionally different but the one you posted looked very similar to the Liberty V1. Thank you for the link! Always good to stay on top of my competitors :stuck_out_tongue:

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