Laser THCA Analysis

Alright folks, chime on in: Bullshit or legit?

I’ve filed a complaint with the RSC about the study they reference. The assistant researchers are 6 undergrads with no publishing and the PhD leader is unconcerned with the misleading nature of his study. Sorry, this gets me heated.

They compared hemp with 1% cbd to normal trim. They compared the crops after manufacturing them differently. They used no pure standard to confirm they are measuring THC (oops), they never confirmed they can tell the difference between THC and CBD.

Once you realize they have no standard and just a “pure extract” it all falls apart. Given their secrecy about its source, i think the standard was most likely extracted from the same THC material they then identified later using the laser. Soooo they take trim and shine a laser, and take extract and shine a laser, and the laser ID’s it 100% of the time. Great. Then they take 1% CBD material and attribute every difference in the spectra between that “standard” and the Hemp to be a difference in not just cannabinoid content but specifically THC content. Garbage! Throw it out!


haha excellent response with pointed and relevant criticism. Thank you.


Don’t be sorry for getting heated. Bring that truth with the jalapeno

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