Laser in the lab

Can a laser like the one on a thermometer like this ignite solvent or anything else (fumes etc) I have always been leary of using these around solvent maybe im just a sissy?

Infrared Thermometer,Digital Thermometer,-50~380c Gm320 Non Contact Pyrometer Ir Laser Temperature Meter Gun

Nah i don t think it can for the lazer is very weak


I can direct you to one that you can modify…:alien:


I use them all the time, it’s not that accurate, but good enough, and reflective surfaces can give false readings.

There are some you can adjust the emmsivity on, or you can try to use a piece of black tape that will stay on your surface to get a better reading.


actually please do!

Materials Needed:

Block of wood
A Vise
Try a DX (True 5mw) laser pointer - any pointer will do)
Saudering tool
Laser Diode - High powered. One that is compatible with your laser pointer. DX max is like 200mw.

  1. Cut 1/2 hole directly in middle of wood.
  2. Cut block of wood in half.
  3. Put wood into vise. it acts as a clamp so you don’t scratch pointer.
  4. Screw off case and remove cap from diode and put cap on new diode.
  5. Pull foam off at top of spring.
  6. Save button and foam.
  7. Sauder spring off of old diode and sauder on new diode. Put it back together
  8. Open vise and cover with a cloth.
  9. Put in laser horizontally and press cap and case together again.
  10. Add batteries.

These are super super dangerous and unforgiving. This is not be taken lightly.
Lasers this strong will blind you instantly. No joke.

Ive blinded a pet once when i was younger.


I have an easier suggestion, just cut one of the leads on the laser diode! Anode or cathode doesn’t really matter as it’s supply voltage is typically managed by a constant current source. The laser has nothing to do with these types of thermometers. These thermometers work with a PIR sensor (thermo resistor) That is capped with a Fernell lens (the 1/2 ping pong ball looking thing). The sensor is measuring the energy (photonics) in the infrared spectrum as it is distributed across the photo resistors substrate. The primary optic (Fernell lens) collimates the light on the photo resistor. The only reason a laser is implemented is to guide the users aim of the sensor into an approximate measurement location.


I know…he said that he didn’t want it to explode and I said I can direct you to one that will…

I always wanted to rig one of these up myself, but I don’t want to hurt anything, and these things are no joke for sure.

Me being able to pop a balloon with a laser doesn’t outweigh potentially blinding my fur babies!

These will burn through wood, set you solvant on fire, and much more fun.

We use to point them at our douce resource officer at my high school. Some of the funniest shit ever. He would get on the microphone in front of the whole school “WHOSE DOING THIS, I am going to find you and ARREST you”…

Then we’d point the laser and make him dance in front of the whole school. LOL.

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You make it more tempting!!!

duly noted:sunglasses:

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