Laser assisted vacuum oven

Good day to all,
I’ve had this idea for quite some time but I finally ordered one of those blue high powered lasers (you can pop balloons or light candles with) to test my theory. My problem is slow cooking in the vacuum oven takes a work week, even with flipping slabs daily. I’m thinking if I can manually pop the bubbles with short bursts of the laser the faster itll get done. As long as the laser radiation doesn’t cause harm or effect the taste.

I’m going to put 2-3grams of non purged extract on a Pyrex at a time and hot plate outside. Very prehistoric method but Ill be able to safely test this method incase the laser ignites the initial solvent bubbles…and hell, I’ll even try to ignite it with the laser. Good to know the limits and possibilities imo. If all goes well, I’ll up product weight & pile thicknesses. From there I’ll got back to 2-3g samples and test the effects under Vacuum effect.

Any ideas, recommendations and criticism are welcome. I’m just thinking it would be nice to load the oven with the shelves a couple inches apart and be to not worry about the initial muffins.

I believe you’re right that popping the bubbles would help, but imo it makes more sense to simply manage your vacuum so that more of the slab stays in contact with the tray…which is where the heat is.

Will the 441.6 nm or 458 and 488 nm light wreck you extract? Dunno. given the current state of cannabinoid analytical methods, it would have to be fairly dramatic for you to notice it. It might still be problematic.

Edit: should you try it? absolutely! :slight_smile:

I once put an ounce or so of extract in a tall glass jar and put the lid on after filling it with water. I used a fresnel lens and sunlight and since the fresnel lense focal point is so specific I focused the sunspot on the extract.

It immediately began to churn and boil onto itself like the wax in a wax light where all the wax blobs rise and fall in the liquid of the lamp as they are heated then cool. It almost looked like a living critter as it churned around the focal point lol. It definately decarbed it hehe. As a reference to how hot that focal point gets at a tiny spot it easily melts aluminum almost instantly when focused right. However with all that churning around from the sunspot on it but in the water it did not hurt the flavor at all really.

So maybe you just need to buy a hot wax lamp and drain it then rig it for water and extract… be a nice way to decarb and a boss cool party lamp too. Just reach in and dab out of a blob. :see_no_evil: