Large scale pasteurization of grain/substrate

Hey all! As I start to formulate the building blocks for some fungi based business ideas, I wanted to know about anyone’s ingenious ways
To pasteurize on a larger scale. As of right now, I made a large steel barrel steamer,. Heating element, float switch to keep full. Hoses piped out into a large insulated bin to steam the fuck out of the prepacked bags of grain or substrate. But as I explore future options for scaling, just wondering what people are doing for large scale pasteurization, or any leads on used equipment for said project. Thanks!

My schtyle: quiet trailer friendly fung-fu

Level 1: 2-6lb/day
4 qt pressure cooker

Level 2: 8-36lb/day/shift
40(?)qt PC

Level 3: 180-720lb day
30 x 40(?)qt American PC (filled with jars and heated 3 minutes apart) using coals. Buy quality hardware, you’ll be standing over them constantly. No mistakes lol.

Level 4: ~1000lbs (each sarcophagus you create)
Build a custom 1 atmosphere galvanized SS industrial feed bins + 2 x 55gal drum water heater on a propane crab boiler. Runtime is above 32 hours at 1 atmosphere to fully sterilize. Spread steam outlets appropriately to avoid burns. Do not build on second floor of trailer.

Tip: If you type ‘;’;‘;’;‘;’;‘;’;‘;’;‘;’;‘;’;’ in the console it’ll get you free money.

Use ozone

A friend of a friend is using 40ft shipping containers

And what does said friend do in said shipping container :slight_smile: I have shipping containers, I can make or build anything. Just looking for the most ingenious cost efficient way to start pasteurizing on a larger scale

Soo first of all pasturization of grain wont work consistently, it needs to be sterilized.
Going too big on your sterilization unit will make u have to heat the container for longer to get the thermal mass up to sterilization temps. Which can overcook or “carmelize” the sugars in the grains.

Making units that fit about 100x 3lbs bags at a time would be good. Use one overpowered steam generator capable of withstanding 30 psi of pressure. Plumb that steam generator with one way valves to ur indiviual sterilization chambers.

Preheat the water going into the steam generator with an on demand hot water heater.
Id recommend about 3-4kw of heating for every (100x bag grain) containers ur trying to power.

As for pasturization, theres many ways but alot simpler, u can heat those for a long time without burning them, so packing those into a giant 40ft sealed container would work. Just keep it at 160-175f for like 3 days, then slowly drop the temp 10f every day.
You could probably fit about 4000x sub bags in a 40ft container at once. Get 4 of those containers and a bunch of rolling racks. You could have about 16,000 bags done every month no problem


Used, large canning retort for grain.

Hydrated lime cold water soak for straw.

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Heres alittle hint for making a diy All American.
Kegs are rated to 60psi…
And can hold about 35x 3lb bags at once opposed to 14x 3lb bags.

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Autoclave the whole next round

If you really want to go large scale, skip the grain.
Just go straight to sub, thats what all the big guys do on low budgets.

I don’t see much on this. I’m a fan of diy keg-anything, any details on this type of build or what to look at that’s similar?

I certainly am no where near a shipping container capacity lol. Just looking for different kind of diy steamers, barrels etc. eventually would like to find an autoclave or some other proper equipment. Thanks for the info thus far

after I get my liquid cultures going I’ll be skipping the spawn most likely, as my substrate will have some manure and other micronutrients

Yeah ill send u a dm, but dont spread the pic all over, i might be able to get a consult b4 that happens :sweat_smile:

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Please do :slight_smile: I’m hitting the gym right now but I’d like to explain what I’m going for here