Large scale harvesting of fresh frozen

Im looking for any yield data comparing hand trimming fresh frozen vs using a bucking machine for fresh frozen. material will be used for solventless hash.

were going to be harvesting around 150-250 lbs of fresh frozen weekly and want to know if its going to be worth more to hire a second harvest crew or save time and use a bucking machine.


lol is this a serious question?

Youre going to see a little greater damage bucking using a bucker vs trimming the nugs off.

Will you really notice a difference?

You’ll probably end up paying more for labor to hand trim/buck than its going to gain you in yeilds.

I always machine munch my FF going to extraction.
Just use table top trimming fans to get most of the big fan leaves off. Then feed her into the bucker.

Either store lightly vacuum bagged and dry iced, or dry iced bare if Its getting socked within the next day or 2.



thats what i was thinking as well just wanted to see if anyone had actual data showing we lost x% by switching to a machine and or how much labor they saved by switching to a machine

This is going to be really hard to get accurate data when going solventless. Solventless yields vary a lot by the strain and the shape of the trichomes. To accurately get this figured out you would need to do this on the same strain and the same harvest to remove as many variables.

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If you end up going with a bucking machine, I have a friend with a couple of ez-debudders that are almost new. I think they paid $9,000 each for them. You could probably get both of them for $10k. If you are interested, DM me and I will get him to send some pics


Absolutely not !!!