Large scale CBD flower trimming solution?

  1. Anyone aware of a large scale solution for trimming dry CBD flower? i.e. thousands of lbs per day.

  2. Anyone use this?: Resinator XL
    The Resinator XL Resin Extractor Tumble Trimming Machine For Sale - Trimleaf

Does it work?

We’re using a twister T2 to wet trim, a pair of them could easily handle 1000# in a day so long as you have blades and tumblers to switch out and clean when one set becomes too gummy to work properly.

Lol that resinator, is an extremely overpriced kief tumbler not a trimmer.
I can give u parts list if u want to make one of those for a couple hundred bucks.
You need an automatic trimmer
Your also gonna need to buck it all down. I would use two rollers on a strong motor behind a hole in some stainless steel. Different size holes for different size branches and get cheap labor to just feed that thing 24/7
You can use a high powered metal fan blade behind a cage to wipe your fan leaves off but that’s gotta be done wet. But I’m not sure what scale your working at a given time, you may need bigger equipment

Thats what I dident get when it was shown to me… wtf.

Those old school washing machines with the wringers are so ideal for bucking

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If you needs 1000s of pbs per day it can be done in oregon. The company will come on site and do the trimming there. The equipment is not for sale. If you need to talk more shoot me a dm

The Resinator isn’t a bad unit for running flower for kief. Is it considered a commercial unit for hemp sized operations, no. It’s crazy how many hemp/CBD farms are looking for help to harvest the trees they planted with no foresite.


Does anyone know the cost and lead time on the T2?

For large farms these units need to be ran in tandem.

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We offer large scale trimming trimming 100-500lbs per hour.

Most machines have a 2 week wait period