Large scale capsule filling machine options

Anybody have experience with filling large amounts of gel caps? I’ve seen softgel machines but they are rather expensive and take a lot of work to maintain. Plus their throughput is higher than I currently need. Right now just using a repeat pipetter to hand fill but I feel like there must be better options out there between what I’m currently doing and a softgel setup. Thank you!

Please define large amounts.
100/hour? 10,000/hour? 1,000,000/hour?

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Good point! Totally forgot to include that, probably closer to 500-1000/hour.

ran into this a NCIA in San Jose last week.

edit: which is the unit @Lincoln20XX mentions below :slight_smile:


Hm I’m not personally aware of anything that’s in that range, the closest I’m aware of with a decent reputation is the ATG unit but it’s a little bit overkill.

edit: It’s the one we’ve decided on for our production line, though with the four nozzles and all of the other options they have. The ATG people I’ve talked to have been super friendly and reasonably helpful.


Awesome! Thank you so much for your input!! Gonna hit those guys up and look into them more but I could see that being a great option for us.

Thank you for the input and for the quick response!