Large Sanitary Pumps

Anyone know who makes big-ish sanitary pumps? Looking for something approx 50hp 6x8x13 or so. Goulds will make them of course but rape is spelled “c-u-s-t-o-m”. Tried tri-clover but it doesn’t look like they make anything that big. Used would be ideal but right now we’re using pulp mill slurry units (Allis Chalmers) and they are brutally inefficient.

Anyone got some ideas?

We use alfa laval SRU rotary lobes. SRU 4 - 6.

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Beautiful pumps! Looking for lower head, higher GPM though. Centrifugal end suction would be ideal

I may be able to help you if you give me a few days. I’ll DM.


What are you pumping? What pressure? What flow rate?

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Boring stuff for here lol. Just water. Approx 1000 gpm per pumping station with 20 ft or so of head. We have 13 stations to do, I would actually prefer 2x500 GPM per station for redundancy but the pulp mill Allis Chalmers pumps we’re using now are brutally inefficient and a pain in the ass to clean.

Perhaps try Flowserve. They have many options for large pumps.

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Flowserve is great. We are using mostly flowserve pneumatic valves on our line.

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Great recommendation, their lineup looks right up the alley of our application!

what are you pumping, how much lift/ pressure do you require? What is the temp/pressure of the application? Will the pump need to handle particulate matter? Does this need to be explosion proof? What type of power do you have at your facility? I know it is a long list, but there is alot to spec’ing a pump.

edit: what is the purpose of the h20? Does the pump need to be full sanitary, or just the connections? If you just need to connect it to sanitary you can get a MP to sanitary ferrule fitting. Cost would be lower.

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Room temp irrigation water, 20ft head approx, 1000gpm approx. I don’t technically need a 3A sanitary pump, ANSI flange is fine, but it can’t be a royal pain in the ass to clean out like the pulp mill pumps we’re using now.

No particulate, no ATEX consideration. Just a lame ass water pump

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Hit up grundfos, they make great pumps.

this page is all the agricultural pumps, I am sure you will find a winner in the stack.

this one sticks out to me:

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Goddamn does grundfos make some sexy pumps. We use them for most of our zone/circulating pumps and also multi-stage for RO. I honestly didn’t really think they made anything big but I might have to keep an eye out for one (or 13) of those LCSE units.

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